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Serve customers with Local Pickup

When a customer places an order online, you can offer them the option of having the order shipped to their homes or picking it up in your store. Whenever your customers are physically present near one of your store pick up locations, they can simply pick up their order without waiting for shipping. Here's how to set up the pick up location:

Choosing a Local Pickup Option (Local Pickup vs Local Pickup Plus)

There are several ways in which your customers can get their products from you. Customers can place an order at your store and then pick it up at your store's designated pick up location. When it comes to pick up, WooCommerce gives you two options, Local Pickup and Local Pickup Plus. Below, we'll explain the differences between the two options so you can decide which is best for your business.

The goals for this article is to explain:

Local Pickup

If you just have one location for local pickup for your business, this option would be best due to it is a core feature of WooCommerce, rather than an additional plugin extension.

With Local Pickup, you can:

  • Create the title, setup tax status, and cost for local pickup option.
  • Set up local pickup option only in specified locations.
  • Use the standard shipping notification email (same email whether local pickup or flat rate shipping has been selected).

Local Pickup Plus

If you are needing specific customization options such as pickup system for retailers with multiple locations, pickup sites, or distribution centers.

With Local Pickup Plus, you can:

You now have a better understanding of whether your business needs would be more suited for Local Pickup or Local Pickup Plus.

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