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Address validation FAQs

Please refer below for some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding Address Validation:

Can I use postcode lookup or address validation while adding an order in the admin?

Unfortunately, you can't. A customer can only use this feature on the checkout and my account pages. You are unable to do it within the order admin areas.

Help! My customers can still check out even though the address is not validated

Yes, the plugin works this way, because of the address validation libraries. Although the plugin suggests "recommended" address corrections, it will not prevent an order from being processed if validation fails. It is set up this way for customers who have just built a house and have not yet added their address to the plugin address library.

This also allows the customer to still be able to process the order if the validate service's servers are ever unreachable or down. This way you won't have to worry about losing an order.

Can I use this with One Page Checkout?

Yes! One Page Checkout is supported in Postcode / Address Validation as long as it's from version 1.4.0 or newer.

Why isn’t the postcode lookup at the top of checkout? Why does it look strange on my checkout page?

The country field is always first in the checkout because it affects the remaining fields. Due to the fact that the postcode lookup providers bundled in the extension support only one country, the Address Validation postcode lookup is attached to the selected country. In order to ensure that the postcode lookup fields appear when the supported country is selected, we display them first.

If you’ve moved the country field away from the top of the page (for example, by using the Checkout Field Editor), then the Address Validation fields will move with it. The extension assumes the billing and shipping country fields have not been moved and appends the postcode lookup fields below the country field. Placing the postcode lookup fields anywhere else breaks the user experience and defies the purpose of the plugin: to allow customers a quick way to lookup their address via a postcode rather than filling out all fields. We strongly recommend that you keep the country field first on your checkout template.

If this is impossible, you could use the snippet below (or something similar), but please note that customization requests / custom code are not included in our support policy:


function wc_address_validation_move_postcode_lookup() {
	wc_enqueue_js( '
		( function() {
			var $billingLookup = $( "#wc_address_validation_postcode_lookup_billing" );
			var $shippingLookup = $( "#wc_address_validation_postcode_lookup_shipping" );
			$( "div.woocommerce-billing-fields").find( "h3" ).after( $billingLookup );
			$( "div.woocommerce-shipping-fields").find( "h3" ).after( $shippingLookup );
		} )();
	' );
add_action( 'wp', 'wc_address_validation_move_postcode_lookup', 1000 );
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