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Set up postcode and address validation

WooCommerce provides you with different vendors which can help your customers validate their addresses by simply entering their postcode/zipcode. So, if anyone types in a wrong or incomplete address, these providers will papulate the fields with the correct and complete address. This is very helpful as it will not cause any setbacks or delays to your shipments.

WooCommerce Postcode / Address Validation extension connects your online store to one of several providers to offer address validation in that specific region. For more information, refer to the section below:

Installation and setup

  1. Sign into WordPress.
  2. From the left-hand menu, go to WooCommerce and click on Extensions.
  3. From the GoDaddy Included Extensions list, scroll to Address Validation or use the Search to locate it.
  4. Click Install.

After installation, you will then have an Address Validation section in your WooCommerce settings you can access to configure.

Supported providers

Take a moment to review the supported providers for this plugin and the services offered before continuing below:

ProviderServicesCountries Supported
LoqateAddress auto-complete - Classify addressesAll countries
Loqate (legacy)Postcode lookupUK
Postcode.NLPostcode lookupNL
Postcode SoftwarePostcode lookupUK
FetchifyPostcode lookupUK

Configure WooCommerce settings

  1. Go to WooCommerce in the left-hand menu and click on Settings.
  2. Click on Address Validation.
  3. From here, you will have several settings to configure:
    • Provider: Select your preferred provider. This selection will also reveal further settings to be configured for the selected provider after saving.
    • Debug Mode: Enable this for outputting debugging information on your store checkout page. If the plugin isn't experiencing issues, it's best to leave this disabled.
    • Geocode Addresses?: (Smarty only; No longer supported) While you may see this setting initially, it will no longer appear once you have selected your desired provider.
    • Classify Addresses?: (US providers only) Enable to save customer address classifications to their orders (e.g. Residantial or Commercial).
    • Force Customer to lookup address via postcode: (Postcode lookup providers only) Enable to force the use of postcode lookup (address fields won't display until used).
  4. After selecting your preferences, click Save changes.

A link for whichever provider you selected will now appear next to your General Options. Click on it to access further settings, then refer to relevant provider link in the table above for steps on how to configure.

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