Set nameservers for domains hosted & registered with GoDaddy

If your domain name is registered with GoDaddy, use the following instructions to update its nameservers depending how you use or host the domain name.

To set nameservers for domains hosted & registered with GoDaddy

  1. Log in to your GoDaddy account.
  2. On your product list next to Domains, click the Text Icon (Plus sign button) to expand the list:
  3. Expand Domains List

  4. Next to the domain you want to manage, under the Action section, click on the Manage DNS button:
  5. Manage DNS Button

  6. Under Nameservers, click Change.
  7. Under Choose your nameserver type, select Standard or Default.
  8. Click Save.

We automatically select the right default nameservers based on how you're using your domain.

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