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Understand the A2P10DLC compliance requirements for SmartLine

If you use SmartLine to send text messages to customers, you need to register for A2P10DLC compliance. The mobile carriers require businesses to verify their identity to send SMS and MMS messages. This new regulation aims to protect consumers against spam and fraud and builds consumers’ trust in registered brands.

What is the A2P10DLC?

A2P10DLC refers to a system that allows businesses to send Application-to-Person (A2P) type messaging via standard 10-digit long code (10DLC) phone numbers. It’s text messaging traffic in which a person receives messages from an application rather than from an individual, like a cellular number.

When you send text messages to customers using SmartLine, it’s considered A2P10DLC.

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What is the new A2P10DLC compliance requirement?

Major U.S. mobile carriers, including AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon are cracking down on marketers and scammers who spam consumers with unwanted text messages, which could potentially lead to stealing personal information. To protect consumers, the mobile carriers have introduced a new requirement for businesses that use A2P10DLC messaging to be verified if they want to send SMS and MMS messages. This is so the mobile carriers understand who is sending messages, and what messages are sent onto their network.

The Campaign Registry™ (TCR), a third-party entity, will oversee the A2P10DLC compliance and help businesses get verified with the mobile carriers. This is an industry-wide mandate for all A2P10DLC products and services. But don’t worry, we'll help you get verified.

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Do I have to register?

If you use SmartLine to send text messages to customers, you need to register for A2P10DLC compliance. When you register your business, it goes through a vetting process with TCR. Once TCR approves your registration, the mobile carriers will know that you are a verified organization. Customers can trust that you won’t spam them and, since your messages are less likely to be blocked by carriers or flagged as spam, they’re more likely to be delivered.

Note: Businesses that operate in adult services, cannabis, firearms, vape industries and other conduct prohibited by GoDaddy's Terms of Service will be blocked or have their accounts terminated.

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What are the benefits of registering?

When your business number becomes A2P10DLC compliant:

  • You increase trust in your brand with mobile carriers, so they’re less likely to block or intentionally slow down the delivery or transmission speed of your messages.
  • You improve the reliability and deliverability of your messages on mobile carrier networks.

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How much will it cost?

There’s a one-time fee of US$19.00 for each number, which is imposed by TCR. GoDaddy does not receive any portion of this fee, which is made up of:

  • A US$4.00 brand registration fee, which covers the cost of verifying your brand or company details
  • A US$15.00 campaign vetting fee, which covers a manual review of the messaging details you’ve provided

If TCR rejects your application, you'll need to pay an additional US$15 for every resubmission. To avoid extra resubmission fees, make sure you fill out the application accurately and truthfully.

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How do I register?

  1. When you try to reply in an SMS thread or compose a new message in the SmartLine app, you’ll be prompted to register. Tap Register Now.
    Business verification notice
  2. Follow the instructions to start the registration process. You’ll be redirected to a web page to fill out a registration form.
  3. We’ll ask you for some information, which the third-party entity will use to verify that your brand is legitimate. In general, you’ll be asked for:
    • Basic personal information – name, phone number and email
    • Business information – business name, phone number, address and business tax info, such as EIN and legal business name
    • Message/campaign details – what types of messages you’re sending, sample messages and how you obtain consent to send customers text messages

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How long will it take to approve my registration?

Since the review process is manual and businesses from other A2P10DLC systems are also trying to register, TCR may take up to 15 business days to review applications and provide results. While your registration is pending verification with them, and until you’re approved, you won’t be able to send text messages.

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My business has multiple numbers; do I need to register all of them?

If you have an EIN, you’ll need to register each SmartLine number you want to use for text messages for A2P10DLC compliance.

If you don't have an EIN, only one of your SmartLine numbers can be registered to send text messages. If you want to use multiple numbers to send texts under one business or brand, you’ll need to get an EIN to register them.

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I use SmartLine for personal reasons; do I have to register?

Regardless of what the phone number is used for, all A2P10DLC numbers (like SmartLine and others) that want to send text messages need to register. If you don’t register, you risk your messages being filtered or blocked by the mobile carriers.

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