The Hub by GoDaddy Pro

Efficiently manage all your projects with the Hub — free.

From one intuitive dashboard, the Hub brings your sites, products and projects together into a seamless user experience to save you time.

Site Management

Save time on repetitive site maintenance tasks.

Manage and monitor all your client sites from a single place, no matter where they’re hosted. Save over 3 hours per month on every site* by automating routine maintenance tasks like backups, security and updates.

Daily backups

Get scheduled, on-demand and downloadable backups for up to 90 days, all with 1-click restore.

Security and uptime monitoring

You'll be notified first if a client’s site has issues. Plus, keep them safe with regular security scans powered by Sucuri.

Bulk updates

Quickly perform bulk updates for plugins, themes and WordPress core no matter where sites are hosted.

Account Delegation

Access all your client accounts with a single sign on.

No more juggling multiple client passwords. From one dashboard, manage all your clients’ sites, products and purchases.
  • Pro Hub Ui Clients 2X
  • Pro Hub Ui Clientlist
  • Pro Hub Ui Access

Delegated access

Securely and quickly access your clients’ sites and products.

Shared shopping cart

Load a shopping cart with GoDaddy products and share with your client for purchase.

Flexible purchasing options

Request your clients’ consent to purchase products on their GoDaddy account.

Project Management

Tools that improve client collaboration.

Integrated project management makes it easier to keep track of client communications and deliver projects on time.

To-do lists

Stay on top of client projects with customizable checklists.

Project templates

Save time and stay organized with customizable templates for the way you work.

Project timelines

Create a visual timeline to break down projects into smaller tasks to stay on track and on time.

New — Invoicing and Payments

Get paid fast with automated invoicing.

Invoice a client in less than 60 seconds1 and set past due reminders. Payments post to your bank account as soon as the next business day.2
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Dedicated Support

Get priority support directly from the Hub.

Prioritized ticketing
Submit support tickets directly from the Hub to access knowledgeable, top-level support.

24/7 support
Get quick answers from our most experienced support agents.


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Frequently asked questions

What is the Hub by GoDaddy Pro?

The Hub by GoDaddy Pro brings together all our GoDaddy Pro products, Pro-specific tools and solutions in a single, intuitive dashboard. This new experience is tailored specifically to the needs of web designers and developers and helps them more efficiently manage their work and deliver results for their clients.

Is there a cost for this service?

No. GoDaddy Pro membership is 100% free to anyone. Utilize a range of specialized tools through the Hub and other helpful solutions without having to pay anything. While some adjacent programs (e.g. GoDaddy Reseller program, Pro subscription) may have associated costs or fees, GoDaddy Pro’s integrated project management, site management and client management tools are free.

Who should consider joining GoDaddy Pro?

GoDaddy Pro’s integrated tools for project management, site maintenance and client management are beneficial for all web professionals, no matter what stage their business is at. Plus, GoDaddy Pro is a community of like-minded professionals so you can connect and share info. We also offer educational opportunities to grow your skills, like free expert-led webinars and discounts on professional online courses.

I’m already part of the GoDaddy Pro program. What happens to my current sites and clients in the dashboard today?

If you are already in the GoDaddy Pro program, you have the option to opt-in to the Hub today. All your information including sites, client access, products and other details will be accessible in the Hub. Should you wish to return to the original GoDaddy Pro dashboard, you can “opt out” of the new experience. However, we will retire the original GoDaddy Pro dashboard at the end of 2021, so after that all members will need to use the Hub.

What if I don’t always use GoDaddy hosting for my clients?

No problem! Our site management tools allow you to easily update and maintain sites, even if they are hosted through another company.

Are there any advantages for my clients when I use the Hub by GoDaddy Pro?

Yes! The single sign on (SSO) and account delegation features means you don’t have to bug your clients for their credentials. There’s also a shared shopping cart, so you can recommend and help purchase website hosting plans and additional products (such as security, email, or site backups) on behalf of your clients. You can also set up maintenance plans that work across multiple sites to easily help all your clients keep their sites in tip-top shape.

What kind of customer support can I expect from GoDaddy Pro and the Hub?

With GoDaddy Pro, all members receive GoDaddy’s award-winning 24/7 customer support from Guides who are specifically trained to help web pros like you. We have a special team that assists GoDaddy Pro members, so when you call or send us a chat message through the Hub your questions will be answered by folks who understand your unique needs as a website designer or developer. We also have prioritized support ticketing, just for GoDaddy Pro members.

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