Office 365 gives Vishal FinCap a productivity boost

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Stephanie Conner

Business owners know it as well as anyone: time is money. And when you’re trying to run your business efficiently, tools that enhance communication and collaboration are key. For Vishal FinCap, a financial services and wealth management firm based in India, improving collaboration and boosting productivity were paramount for continued growth.

Data access and communication

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Vishal FinCap, created by Chetan Patel in 2008, is a company that creates wealth for its clients by delivering leading-edge analyses of financial markets and trading on behalf of its clients. As Chetan was considering his company’s digital needs, he saw a GoDaddy ad offering Microsoft Office 365 for a special monthly price — and promptly signed up. He says:

“My goal was to access data from anywhere on a safe platform and improve collaboration with my team.”

Competitive pricing from GoDaddy helps companies like Vishal FinCap afford great tools to further their businesses. Plus, Office 365’s cloud technology allowed Chetan’s employees to work from anywhere with a suite of Microsoft applications — including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, OneNote and Publisher.

In addition, many of the product’s features helped Chetan with business communication, management and collaboration. For example, with 1 TB of secure online storage, OneDrive allows his employees to safely store files in one place and access them from anywhere.

Anytime, any device

Office 365 also comes with an online version that offers the flexibility to create, edit and share documents on any device. As Chetan explained to The Telegraph:

“Office 365 from GoDaddy redefined flexibility for me. I can create a spreadsheet on my laptop, edit it on my tablet and share it from my smartphone … GoDaddy provides the convenience of having an entire suite of services in one place at an affordable price, so I can focus on growing my business.”

Office 365 also provides Vishal FinCap with tools to store and access document libraries, including wikis. Furthermore, employees with access can conduct web-based discussions and meetings, maintain calendars, and streamline other activities online.

Overall, Chetan feels that these digital tools revolutionized internal communication for his firm. Seamless collaboration is essential in modern-day business, and the Office 365 suite from GoDaddy accomplished the task of syncing his company.

What’s next?

Probably one of the biggest benefits associated with using Office 365 was the ease of working with GoDaddy. Chetan notes that product setup and any subsequent interactions with the customer support team were excellent. And that’s partly why he says that this is just the beginning of his digital footprint and his relationship with GoDaddy: “Going beyond Office 365, I plan to also register a domain and get email services with GoDaddy, too.”

It’s awesome that GoDaddy’s services could help Patel and his company kick ass. We’re excited to see where he goes next and what strides his business will make.


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