Maximizing Black Friday sales: 6 strategies for success in the UAE and beyond

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Black Friday is considered one of the busiest shopping days of the year due to its exclusivity. In 2019, about 40% of shoppers made online purchases on Black Friday, and it is predicted that the Black Friday sales trend will grow up to 61% in 2020.

As an online business, it’s important that you don’t get caught off guard, so let’s get down to work and help you start preparing a Black Friday campaign. In this article, we will give you a few creative tips and ideas that you can try to stand out this year.

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But first, why should you build a strong campaign for Black Friday?

According to Araby Ads, numbers show that sales on Black Friday have increased significantly over the last few years. In 2018, sales increased in Egypt to 940% compared to ordinary days. Meanwhile, they increased by 1250% in Saudi Arabia and 1913% in the UAE.

The Evolution of Black Friday in the Middle East:

Black Friday, an American shopping tradition marking the start of the Christmas shopping season, has found its way to the Middle East, notably in Dubai and other parts of the Emirates. Known as 'White Friday' in this region, it has become a significant shopping event. Major online retailers like Amazon and Noon have played pivotal roles in popularizing this event. Last Friday of November, streets of Dubai are bustling with shoppers looking for the best Black Friday deals on gadgets like iPhones, Samsung smartphones, and Sony consoles. With the rise of online shopping, many prefer to browse online stores from the comfort of their homes, leveraging Wi-Fi to hunt for bargains on laptops from brands like Dell and Apple, or smartwatches and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. The event is not just limited to tech; clothing brands like Adidas and Nike also offer massive discounts, making it a holistic shopping event.

According to Black Friday Global, during Black Friday, an average Emirati buys 4.2 products.

Ideas for a successful Black Friday campaign

Here are six ideas for Black Friday campaigns or strategies that you can carry out this year:

  • Invest in live videos on social media
  • Create personalized offers
  • Focus on email marketing campaigns
  • Create time sensitive offers and flash sales
  • Use SMS
  • Take advantage of cross-selling and up-selling

Let’s dig deeper into each.

(1) Invest in live videos on social

For the past couple of years, live videos have been gaining a lot of traction in the social media realm. Brands are using live videos to engage with their customers, promote new products, hold events and share content. These videos generate feelings of urgency and immediacy to users. Users can also engage with the videos by asking questions via the chat box and joining the live video themselves for both general promotions as well as Black Friday sales.

So, how can you use them?

You can use the live videos to run raffles or communicate offers or exclusive promotional codes for Black Friday.

(2) Create personalized offers

All customers want to feel special, and that urges them to spend more on offers and products that are customized to their needs. When you treat your customers well from the beginning, they’ll always want to come back. So, in addition to increasing sales, another thing you’re like to get is customer loyalty and a good reputation from your customers.

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(3) Focus on email marketing campaigns

Email marketing is one of the most used communication channels in Black Friday sales campaigns.  This way, you can let your clients know in advance that you will be promoting interesting offers for Black Friday sales and in turn keep them engaged.

Get your Email marketing automated with GoDaddy’s digital marketing suit and show your customers that you know them.

Here are some keys to make your Black Friday email marketing campaign successful:

  1. Launch a campaign before a Black Friday one where you can capture their attention with your offers and discounts.
  2. Create a calendar and invest in storytelling to keep the reader eager.
    Start a few weeks in advance and then send reminders.
  3. Try to make your emails less promotional. This way, your customers will be more likely to open these emails in their inbox.

(4) Create time intuitive sensitive offers and flash sales

A flash sale is a strategy which more and more companies are using, which involves putting a product on sale with a great discount for a limited time for the holiday sales. The time limit and limited availability will entice consumers to buy on the spot. Impulse buying attracts users, and they’ll want to take advantage of the maximum discount. Make sure potential customers are aware of any sales through your website and your social networks. By using this particular method, Black Friday sales will boost dramatically.

(5) Use SMS

Over 39% of the .4 billion of Black Friday sales in 2019 happened on smartphones. Sales through mobile phones were up by 21% as compared to 2018.

SMS is a channel that you should take advantage of the most during your Black Friday sales promotion. Since mobile is going to be the main protagonist of Black Friday, most of the users will make their purchases through it, so SMS can be the key to enormous success.

You must communicate everything related to your promotions through text messages, from when it starts to a valid promotion code to redeem.
Do not forget to attach a short URL so your users can to go directly to your shop or website
Segment your database for your bulk SMS shipments.

In 2020, online shoppers in the UAE planned to spend 0 on average on Black Friday.

(6) Take advantage of cross-selling and up-selling

Upselling is a strategy to sell a superior, more expensive version of a product that the customer already owns. Cross-selling is a strategy to sell products similar to the ones owned by customers already.

So, don’t miss the opportunity to create packs of related products or services at a reduced price for Black Friday sales. You can also promote your most reviewed or most sold products, give more prominent space for the upsell, display testimonials for the upsell and make sure the upsells are no more than 25% costlier than the original product.

The Diversity of Black Friday Deals:

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One of the most anticipated aspects of the Black Friday shopping spree is the vast range of products on sale. From high-end Apple AirPods to affordable Windows laptops, there's something for everyone. Home appliances, especially kitchen appliances like the popular air fryer, are among the top sellers. Retailers such as Amazon and Noon often introduce deals where products are priced at just AED 1, creating a frenzy among new customers. For tech enthusiasts, the holiday season is the perfect time to upgrade their gadgets. Whether it's the latest iPhone, a Samsung smartwatch, or a Sony PlayStation console, the bargains are endless. But it's not just about electronics. Fashion aficionados can snag deals on top brands like Nike and Adidas, while perfume lovers are spoilt for choice with a myriad of fragrances on offer. And for those who prefer in-store shopping, Dubai's retail landscape offers an unparalleled experience, with stores decked out in festive decor, echoing the holiday spirit of the USA.

Leveraging Social Media for Black Friday Promotions

Social media platforms have become pivotal in promoting Black Friday deals in the holiday shopping season. Brands, from tech giants like Apple and Samsung to kitchen appliances and mattresses manufacturers, utilize platforms like Instagram and Facebook to tease upcoming deals and engage with potential customers. Last year, for instance, teasers for smart home products, gadgets, and even Xbox consoles were trending across various social media channels. Moreover, with the rise of influencer marketing, many brands collaborate with popular figures to showcase their best Black Friday deals, ensuring a wider reach. Given the shift towards online shopping, leveraging social media not only boosts sales but also enhances brand visibility during this crucial shopping day.

Beyond Black Friday: The Rise of Other Shopping Events:

While Black Friday and its Middle Eastern counterpart, White Friday, dominate the shopping scene, other events like Cyber Monday and Yellow Friday are gaining traction. Cyber Monday, an all-American event, focuses primarily on online shopping deals, especially on tech products. Laptops from brands like Dell, gadgets from Dyson, and televisions with the latest Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features often see significant discounts. Then there's Yellow Friday, a relatively new entrant, offering deals on a range of products, from mini gadgets to home appliances like air fryers and all-in-one kitchen devices. As the holiday season approaches, events like these ensure that the Christmas shopping season is packed with deals, whether you're in America or the Middle East. From video games for the young ones to perfumes for the discerning adult, these events ensure that everyone can partake in the festive shopping spirit.

Do you have an e-store?

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Creating a functional e-store can help set you apart from the competition. It allows you to reach your customers and understand their behavior, boost your sales, manage your inventory and so much more.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

It is only normal to have my questions and I will try to answer a few of them:

What is Black Friday in UAE?

Black Friday in the UAE is a significant shopping event, similar to the global phenomenon. While it’s traditionally an American event marking the start of the Christmas shopping season, the UAE has embraced it, offering vast discounts and deals, especially in online shopping platforms and major retail outlets.

Note: It is vital that you offer trendy products in the UAE that consumers actually want.

Does Black Friday sale happen in Dubai?

Yes, Black Friday sales do happen in Dubai. The city, known for its vibrant retail scene, witnesses numerous deals and discounts in both online and offline stores, attracting shoppers from all over the region.

In 2020, online shoppers in the UAE planned to spend $400 on average on Black Friday.

Ready, get set, sell

Black Friday sales present a golden opportunity for businesses, big and small, to tap into the shopping frenzy and significantly boost their revenue. With the evolution of Black Friday in the Middle East and the rise of other shopping events, it's crucial for businesses to stay ahead of the curve and leverage the latest strategies. From harnessing the power of social media promotions to understanding the diverse range of deals on offer, businesses can make the most of this shopping season. If you're looking to establish a strong online presence and capitalize on these sales, consider setting up your e-store with GoDaddy.

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