WholesaleBox brings online convenience to retailers

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Nidhi Hola

With a winning philosophy of “Believe you can and you're halfway there,” four friends — Rohit Dangayach, Chandan Agarwal, Rakesh Shekhawat and Madhur Bhaiya — got together and started WholesaleBox in 2015. While online buying has become a way of life for India’s netizens, the founders of WholesaleBox saw a gap with retailers being pressed for options to buy in bulk online that would help them save precious time and money.

Launched in 2015, WholesaleBox is a marketplace for wholesale buying and selling across India.

It connects manufacturers, or big wholesalers, directly to retailers who can take advantage of its simple web interface to buy products for their retail outlets without having to travel to different cities — or to buy at much higher prices from the wholesalers near them.

Headquartered in Jaipur, today WholesaleBox has offices in Delhi, Surat and Bengaluru. With more than 200 employees, they list nearly 100,000 products and serve more than 20,000 satisfied retailers.

User experience is key

With the ambition to reach retailers both in India and globally, WholesaleBox launched its website in September 2015 and opened for business. With the website as their key channel of outreach to retailers, it was imperative that it deliver on an exceptional experience.

Given the importance of their website, the WholesaleBox founders chose GoDaddy as their online partner.

WholesaleBox Phone App

GoDaddy’s reputation as the world’s largest and No. 1 domain registrar, as well as a previous workplace experience, made this an easy choice.

“GoDaddy has lived up to its reputation of being a trusted and transparent service provider. For us, as an eCommerce website, this meant a lot. GoDaddy’s products helped us get our business off the ground very quickly and easily. We have been with GoDaddy since we started and are extremely happy with our choice of an online partner,” says Rakesh, founder of WholesaleBox.

Today, more than 20,000 retailers use their website and mobile application to order merchandise across brands from the comfort of their shops. These orders, delivered to their doorstep, help them drive incremental revenue, cut costs, and improve their buyers’ experiences.

A full suite of options

WholesaleBox found everything they needed to go online at GoDaddy. Just as their customers find all that they want on their website, GoDaddy’s website was a one-stop shop for all their online requirements.

The process of buying GoDaddy products on its website was seamless for them. By visiting in.GoDaddy.com, they could search and register a domain name within minutes. WholesaleBox was pleased to have been able to register their business name as the domain name. They chose to register an .in domain name, as it suggests that products that they source are “Made in India.”

They procured online security from GoDaddy to keep their website safe from malware and hacking. As an eCommerce platform with a lot of transactional data, it was an important feature for WholesaleBox to have in order to keep their visitors safe.

Further, to provide users who visit their website with a safer experience, they added an SSL certificate to their site. GoDaddy SSL Certificates are a simple and cost-effective way to protect the confidential information — passwords, credit card numbers, etc. — submitted on a website. These allow customers to transact with confidence, knowing that the information they enter is protected. SSL encryption allows for the safe passage of information, blocking it from any potential third-party access.

A winning partnership

WholesaleBox Website

WholesaleBox could not be more pleased with what they’ve achieved in a fairly short time frame. They are cognizant of the role played by all their partners in their journey of success, especially to GoDaddy for keeping their website up and running and safe for all their users. All service calls to GoDaddy have been promptly addressed, preserving WholesaleBox’s positive reputation with its users at all times.

Rakesh recalls how Godaddy helped them roll out their website quickly in the early stage. “It would not have been possible to get things off the ground so quickly without the support of GoDaddy. Within 21 days of website launch, we got our first big order and it was one of our most memorable days.”

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