How to buy a domain

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Are you thinking about the right name for your business domain, or do you already have a name in mind and plan to purchase it in order to initiate your web empire? Here’s all that you need to know about how to buy a domain.

Why is a domain name so important?

A domain name provides an online address for your business. In order for people to find you online, you need to buy and register a domain name for your site that aligns with your business. A proper domain name can help shape the design of your website as it becomes the name (and brand) of your website.

How to choose the correct name to use for your domain?

Keyword optimization plays a vital role in helping you decide on the name you want to give to your business domain site. You can opt for a catchy and creative domain name so that it is memorable for users, especially in offline marketing. However, in the pursuit of using something creative and catchy for your URL, do not forget that your website should also rank high in search engine results. Your goal should be to rank in the top 10 listings of search engine results while also being memorable for users. The perfect choice for a domain name is generally short, contains no hyphens, and provides a summary of what the site relates to.

With the domain name you also need to choose the domain name extension you want. Though you can choose from extensions like .com, .net, .org, the most commonly selected domain name extension is “.com” as it is easy to remember.

You can buy a domain from your mobile phone

How to buy a domain name?

After you have decided which keywords to use in your domain name, you can leverage any of the following options to search for your desired domain name and extension. This step includes learning if your desired domain name and extension are already registered. You can then sort out the ones that are already taken and choose from the keyword-rich suggestions available. These suggestions may be helpful as they often rank better than the domain names you initially desired but were already registered with someone else.

Alternatively, you can consider purchasing your desired domain from its current owner, if the domain is already registered.

There are several considerations in the process

  1. How to buy a domain that is new

  2. How to buy a domain that is already registered

  3. What to do after selecting the domain name

  4. What you need to keep in mind when purchasing an existing domain name

We will now cover each of these considerations.

How to buy a domain that is new

There are many options and services to choose from when it comes to buying a domain name.

GoDaddy offers many domain name services, and has a strong search function to help you find the cheapest domain name. If you have an idea for your domain name, you can search for it right here.

Try it now!

How to buy a domain that is already registered

You can buy domain names that are already established. This tactic is usually employed by internet marketers and aims at generating traffic for their websites. These domain names can be searched in the domain aftermarket or anywhere through a general Google search, either via specialized services vending them or commercial websites such as eBay. If your ideal domain name is in the domain aftermarket, you can bid on the domain name, which can save you time on getting your website up and running. For this, you need to enter the domain name of interest, contact information, billing information, and bid price on the vending website. However, if the domain name is not listed on the aftermarket, you need to make efforts to purchase it directly from its current owner – taking into account your budget and timeline – before contacting the domain’s owner. To do this, you may want to consider using a domain broker service. Alternatively, you can choose GoDaddy’s Domain Backorder Service and we’ll try to grab it for you as soon as it expires, or you can look up the owner yourself and make them an offer using a WHOIS tool like the one GoDaddy offers.

One other option is to look for domains that are expiring. Sites such as GoDaddy, Flippa and eBay often auction off expired domain names. These existing domains can sometimes be purchased with their standing content, Page Rank, traffic charts, history, and links.

What to do after selecting the domain name?

Once you select your domain name, you need to register it. All details of the registrant, administrative contact, and technical contact should be registered with the registrars. Though the legal owner of the domain is the registrant, anyone who has access to the registrar username and password can control the domain so be careful who you share domain information with. Choose a registrar who gives you the option to "lock" your accounts.

What do you need to keep in mind while purchasing an already taken domain name?

You need to think seriously, and in an informative manner about your budget for acquiring a domain name. If another domain owner is actively using the domain name you want, keep in mind they have also spent money and time acquiring that domain. As such, be ready with a fair offer after gathering enough market information about the domain’s worth to position yourself for a positive response from the domain’s owner.

Whether you are brainstorming a new domain name or hoping to purchase an existing domain, do not rush things. Give yourself ample time; if you’re hoping to purchase an existing domain from its current owner, plan for time to make contact, negotiate a fair price, make the payment, and get the domain name transferred to your account. Additionally, it’s important you do adequate market research to assure that the domain is not inflated by checking the traffic and money charts. Look at the domain over time and check the response of the traffic to the site by verifying the server logs.


Now that you have learned how to buy a domain and hopefully have your specific domain name registered, you’re one step closer to starting your web empire. Good luck!

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