Clothing website templates you’ll love

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Charu Mitra Dubey

Building a website from scratch for the first time might sound like a daunting task, especially if you don't have any designing skills. Be it a simple fashion blog or an eCommerce store, you need to add both creativity and innovation in it. And that's where the right clothing website template comes to the rescue.

A web template is a pre-designed website that can be fully customised as per your needs.

If you have already conceptualized your business idea and are ready to proceed, then it's time to choose a template that reflects your passion. While you can hire a coding or designing expert and spend a lot of time and money, there are many clothing website templates that will allow you to build a website for a modest fee.

The magic of WordPress

With over 26 per cent of the internet powered by WordPress, there is a plethora of WordPress templates (also known as themes) available online.

Before using a template, you need to make sure that it is:

  • Responsive so your website will resize to fit the visitor’s screen, whether mobile or desktop.
  • Provides smooth navigation and easy mobile checkout (if building an WooCommerce website).
  • Comes with live customer support (not all WordPress themes do).

The process of building a website with a pre-built template is quite simple. All you need to do is choose a template, upload it to your WordPress dashboard and customise it as per your taste. It is even easier with GoDaddy WordPress Websites — just select your template and customise. GoDaddy handles download and installation of WordPress for you.

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5 awesome clothing website templates

Anyone can build their own WordPress website using a template or theme, as the coding has already been done for you. Here are five templates you might like.

  1. Activation boutique template.

  2. Velux men’s clothing template.

  3. Stout bridal template.

  4. Lyrical fashion template.

  5. Ascension bespoke template.

Ready to dip your hands and get started? If yes, then we have collected some really cool and responsive clothing website templates for you. Use any of them to power up a hit fashion website.

1. Activation boutique template

Clothing Website Templates Activation Boutique Template

To enter the fashion industry, your approach also needs to be fashionable. This clothing website template boasting the minimalist approach is at your service. The Activation template features eight pre-built pages for you to fill out. All photos can be quickly replaced with those in the included library of royalty-free photos or your own.

Features of the Activation boutique template (and all GoDaddy templates):

  • Requires no technical skill to use.
  • Use any of more than 47,000 available WordPress plug-ins to customise your website.
  • Includes 24/7 live phone support in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and English.

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2. Velux men’s clothing template

Clothing Website Templates Velux Mens Template

Looking for a voguish template that would give a ritzy appeal to your online store? That’s what the Velux template provides you with. An elegant-looking, new age website template to serve all your design needs in style. To use it for family or women’s clothing, simply change out the photos.

Features of the Velux men’s clothing template (and all GoDaddy templates):

  • Easily upload your own photos using the drag-and-drop page builder.
  • Create an email sign-up form and send business-boosting emails to current customers with the free email tool.
  • Offers easy page building tools.

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3. Stout bridal template

Clothing Website Templates Stout Bridal Template

If you are searching for a clothing website template that can turn heads, then the Stout bridal template is the one for you. The template has various outstanding features and is easy to apply and customise in your own way.

Features of the Stout bridal template (and all GoDaddy templates):

  • Dozens of font, layout and colour combinations that you can swipe through until you find one to suit your business.
  • An optional blog to help attract new clients through regular blog articles.

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4. Lyrical fashion template

Clothing Website Templates Lyrical Template

This template features an eye-catching flatlay photo, although this can be changed to reflect your style.

Features of the Lyrical fashion template (and all GoDaddy templates):

  • Just point, click and type to replace generic text with your own business details.
  • Works great on desktop, laptop and handheld devices.
  • Adding the WooCommerce plug-in allows you to turn your website into an eStore.

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5. Ascension bespoke template

Clothing Website Templates Ascension Bespoke Template

The Ascension bespoke template is made for tailors as well as online stores. Manage upcoming orders, customer enquiries and calendars all in one place.

Features of the Ascension bespoke template (and all GoDaddy templates):

  • Reliable hosting with daily backups as well as software and security updates.
  • Built-in SEO Wizard to elevate your Google, Yahoo! and Bing search listing (included with Deluxe and Ultimate plans).

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Wrapping it up

Creating a website no longer requires any coding skills — or much money, for that matter — to accomplish. From quick-start templates to easy page-building tools, GoDaddy is ready to support you at every step. Let the creative part of your business ignite with one of these classy clothing website templates.