What is CRM software?

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Sandeep Babu

Whatever your business is, the customer is king and you should treat him/her like one. Doing so will not only help you build a large customer base but also keep them loyal to your business. In this post we will answer the question ‘what is CRM software?’ and describe how it can help you better serve your customers.

Customer relationship management (CRM) software helps you collect, organize and manage customer data.

CRM software is a cohesive system that enables your different departments (sales, marketing, customer support) to offer each customer an unparalleled, personalized experience.

In simple words, CRM software enables your business to:

  • Record and organize your prospects’ and customers’ data
  • Add notes as staff interact with the customer
  • Make calls/appointments
  • Send emails and track responses
  • Manage your sales

This database becomes a single source of customer information available to everyone in your company. So, no matter who talks to the customer, they can quickly get information and resolve any issue.

Why your business needs CRM software

CRM software is a powerful tool to capture, organize and make sense of audience data. However, if you think CRM software is for enterprise businesses or Fortune 500 companies only, you are wrong.

CRM software is equally useful for small businesses.

Following are the five important benefits that small businesses can reap from using CRM software.

1. Better information management

CRM software can store your prospects’ and customers’ emails, phone numbers, websites, social media profiles and communications.

These records can help you better customize your interactions with each prospect or customer.

What is CRM Software Small Business Owner
Knowing their history and preferences makes customers feel valued.

Some CRM software can even capture industry news and reports and send them to your prospects or customers, assisting them in making informed decisions.

With the right CRM software, you will not only be able to organize your data efficiently but also be able to use that data to improve customer service.

2. Accurate knowledge across teams

For a business to grow, there is a strong need for collaboration among different departments:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Customer service

All should be in sync to make a positive impression on prospects and customers.

CRM software makes it possible for multiple teams to work in concert.

With stored emails, phone numbers and notes in one place, multiple teams can view it whenever needed. As each successive interaction is recorded, your knowledge of each customer grows.

3. Enhanced communication

Suppose your prospect/customer has a single point of contact and that contact is not available when he or she has a query. In the absence of CRM software, the prospect/customer will have to start fresh with someone who is not aware of his/her issues and preferences.

CRM software makes detailed information about prospects/customers available to anyone in your company, enhancing the communication with your customers.

So, no matter who answers the phone, they can use the CRM to offer excellent service, close sales and impart the knowledge of new products.

4. Improved customer service

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Improve your customer service and you win customers for life.

If your customer faces any issue with your product or service, he/she will be unhappy unless the issue is resolved quickly. With CRM software, your customer support team will have the entire history of your clients at their fingertips. This includes information about:

  • Past purchases
  • Product and communication preferences
  • Past communications

This will help them to resolve the issue faster.

What’s more, if the issue requires the collaboration of multiple employees/teams, this can be done easily with CRM software. Even one employee can crowdsource the solution through the customer portal. So CRM software can improve your customer service significantly.

5. Better overall business efficiency

Running a successful business is never easy. You are required to make sure that hundreds of smaller tasks are completed to run your business smoothly. These tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • Filling out forms
  • Sending reports
  • Addressing legal issues

Right CRM software can handle many of these tasks, thanks to the magic of automation. By crossing off many of the smaller tasks, your employees will have more time to turn leads into customers and address prospects’ queries.

So the right CRM software can enhance your overall business efficiency.

How to choose the right CRM

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The right CRM software makes it possible to know each customer individually.
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CRM software comes with many features that are helpful in lead management as well as sales, marketing, eCommerce and call center. Therefore, you should take the time to choose the right CRM software that meets the requirements of your business.

You should insist on a trial period to make sure you get the best CRM software for your business.

Following are questions small business owners should ask CRM vendors:

  • Is it designed for the needs of small businesses?
  • Does it include technical support and is there a fee for this?
  • Does it work easily with other popular tools like email marketing?
  • Does it include the latest security features?
  • What is the cost of CRM software?
  • How difficult is it to train employees for this software?
  • Is the API of this application accessible?

These questions can help you narrow down your search and choose the right CRM software for your business.

What is CRM explained

CRM software can significantly increase leads, sales and customer retention. Right CRM platform can offer you better customer data management, accurate knowledge across teams, enhanced communication, improved customer service and enhanced business efficiency. In short, it can give you a winning competitive advantage.

So you should pick the right CRM software that can meet your business needs today and tomorrow, one you can easily integrate with other tools your business uses.