4 ways to turbo-boost your lead generation

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Lead generation is one of the most talked-about topics in business. The process of identifying business prospects and then turning those leads into new sales has been around since decades. However, thanks to the internet, it has undergone a sea change in recent years.

While in the past, most marketing departments focused on mass advertising for their lead generation, more sophisticated techniques have evolved over the years.

In fact, more companies are realizing that their role has shifted from simply pushing sales to stimulating and capturing interest in their product or service for the purpose of developing a sales pipeline. As a result of this, many marketers are taking a different approach in cultivating and nurturing leads.

Essential lead generation tactics

A recent study found that nearly half of marketers see generating high-quality sales leads as their main business challenge. Here are some lead generation strategies your business can use to create a steady flow of new leads.

Get more leads with these 4 tactics

Next to keeping the customers they already have, finding new ones is critical for any business. Here are some ideas to try.

  1. Publish compelling content online.

  2. Use a lead magnet.

  3. Find prospects on social media.

  4. Don’t forget offline strategies.

Read on for details on each of these proven strategies.

1. Publish compelling content online

Lead Generation Blog
Informative or entertaining blog posts lure potential customers into your sales funnel.
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“Content is the fuel for your lead generation efforts,” says Dayna Rothman, renowned marketer and author of Lead Generation for Dummies.

Content marketing entails creating original blog posts, Instagram stories and videos to attract the interest of likely customers.

Today more and more organizations are realizing the importance of content marketing, often beginning with a blog. Company blog typically share:

  • Information that is educational or entertaining for customers.
  • Videos that readers are likely to share with family and friends.
  • Upcoming events, the latest trends, offers and so on.

Studies have shown that more interactive blogs lead to increased sales and additional potential leads. Likewise, other forms of interactive content — quizzes, surveys, contests, etc. — often generate leads as well. The goal of all these pieces of content is to increase curiosity among your audience.

In modern SEO (search engine optimisation), keywords are a powerful way to know what your target audience wants to learn more about. Commercial keywords, in particular, tell you what your prospects intend to buy.

Keywords are the words or phrases people type into Google to find products or services.

An effective way to identify these is to go to Google Ads Keyword Planner and:

  • Click “Start using keyword planner” then “Find new keywords.”
  • Next, type your product or service (e.g., driver services in Mumbai) into the search box.
  • If you want data only from India, click Locations above the search box and select Countries.

This will provide a list of words and phrases that real people are typing in to search engine for your product or service in India.

Weaving these words throughout your content (being mindful to use a different keyword or phrase for each piece) will result in new leads. These terms help Google know to present your blog post, video or other piece of content to people searching for these terms.

Editor’s note: No time to find and add keywords to your website on your own? Let the pros at GoDaddy help.

2. Use a lead magnet

A lead magnet is an offer such as a free consultation, limited-time trial or other experience valuable enough to capture the attention of prospective clients.

White papers were once considered the most powerful lead magnets.

The modern equivalent of the white paper is the eBook. This is a little like a white paper but generally addresses broader topics in a bit more entertaining way.

This would be a good lead magnet for a real estate agent.
Photo: dorothyskaggs Flickr via Compfight cc

Many marketers use infographics as lead magnets. By presenting useful information in a visual format, they create an entire story in a single, easy-to-share image. Slideshows are also a good way to walk leads through a complex process, moving them closer to a purchase or sign up.

Another powerful lead magnet is the chatbot. A lot of companies are using chatbots because people expect rapid, 24/7 customer service. Those who connect with your business via chatbot are leads just waiting to be turned into customers.

3. Find prospects on social media

Social media can be a powerful tool for lead generation among today’s digital-savvy customers. Twitter is one of the best social media platforms for business marketing. It is especially effective if you link every tweet to a landing page (not necessarily on your company’s website) that is relevant to that tweet.

Other popular platforms for attracting leads include:

All have the potential to bring people with common interests together, giving you the prime opportunity to connect with them.

Getting your post on social media is one task; getting those who see it to take the next step is another. One solution? Link to a relevant landing page in every post, directing interested prospects to get more information, request a quote or call your business.

4. Don’t forget offline strategies

While online lead generation techniques are desirable and essential, if you aren’t using a healthy mix of offline tactics as well you could be missing out on a slice of the audience.

Traditional media

Some of the offline ways could be using newspaper, radio or television to promote your products. If you get the right radio or television creative for your product and it reaches the right audience at the right time, you will get recurring revenue for your business.

Speaking engagements

Speaking at industry events positions you as an expert in your field.
Photo: Teemu Paananen on Unsplash

Another way to get leads is by being a speaker at an event. As a presenter, you hold a position of authority so you can expect at least a few leads after your presentation. You can use these connections to find even more leads.

Reviews and referrals

A third interesting lead generation technique in recent times is getting positive reviews and referrals — especially from well-respected influencers and bloggers.

Having thought leaders as customers can lead to many new signups.

By asking high-visibility customers to review you, you can get more quality leads.

Final thoughts

Today’s most popular lead generation strategies often use digital channels. However, old strategies delivered with a new twist could still work wonders. By combining new and traditional tactics, you can make your plan more successful than by relying on just one strategy.

Companies that achieve marketing-sales alignment in lead gen often see higher growth in brand awareness, deal size, sales and revenue.

So, marketer, what are you waiting for? Use these strategies to generate new leads, nurture prospects and close more sales in the coming quarters!

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