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Nemanja Aleksic

The hardest thing about getting your clients on a maintenance contract is explaining the value. It's kinda like being a bodyguard — you're not there to break legs every 15 minutes, but to provide peace of mind with your presence. If the client does not see you glaring at bystanders from time to time, they don't feel safe, and you don't get paid.

So how do you let your clients know you’re watching over their websites like a hawk? Easy — just send them an executive summary of everything you've done for them.

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New Client Report

Client Report helps you send out a monthly report to your clients. It records every action you’ve performed on your client’s behalf, pulls it into a PDF document, and sends it to your client. Client Report is a beloved feature among web designers and developers.

The one thing you kept asking for was the ability to make the report more "your own", i.e. to customize the look to match your agency's brand. That's why we're including multiple customizable options, like portrait mode, custom color palette, different font styles, and even a compact layout for clients who have 5+ websites, and just want to have a brief summary.

Client Report customization

The new Client Report will be even more professional-looking and aligned with your brand. It will make it easier to demonstrate to your clients the value they are getting out of maintenance contracts. It's a win-win scenario!

Client Report customization

Test the new design

The new Client Report is still under development, but you can preview it today. Here’s how:

  1. Log into your Pro Sites dashboard.
  2. Pick a website.
  3. Go to the Client Report page.
  4. Create a report using the new template design.

If you can't be bothered to do all that on your own, here's a sample report you can download.

How to find Client Report

About Client Report

Client Report is a freemium add-on for Pro sites. The free version is available on unlimited number of websites, and it lets you send watermarked reports. The premium version offers white labeling and full automation.

Client Report cover

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