8 things you shouldn’t say to self employed people

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Matthew Pattinson

Self employment. It’s the promised land. One where the chosen few travel to avoid the hardships of employment. You can pick your own hours. Work when you want. Holiday in the sun. And swim in your pool of money. If only!

Be in no doubt: it is boss being boss. Those who have the courage to make their own way should be praised. Those who go solo should feel a tremendous sense of pride. Turning your passion and skills into a self-sustaining business is far from easy. And whilst business owners and entrepreneurs are diverse people, ask them the best thing about being self employed, and you’ll get the collective answer: ‘freedom’.

Freedom, of course, comes at a price. And whilst your friends and family who work traditional jobs might support you, they’ll never truly understand what it means to go it alone. You know the drill: they only consider the perceived upsides of entrepreneurial life, rather than all you’ve sacrificed in pursuit of your dreams. They see the rewards. But what about the risks?

Do you feel the frustration? Of course you do! And you are not alone. Being self employed means constantly having to justify your own existence. To explain away why you can’t do something social. Remember though: this is your existence. This is your time. You are the one who is defying the 9-5. Who is renouncing the office walls. You’re the one striving to become what you know you should become.

There are, therefore, certain things self employed people don’t want to hear. A list of statements so frustratingly far-from reality that they leave you shaking like a jelly on a plate. These can come from friends, family and customers. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at eight things you shouldn’t say to self employed people.

#8 The part-time fallacy

Just because you can make your own hours… you wish!

#7 Homework isn’t real work?!

Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you’re running a babysitters!

#6 You charge how much?

When asked this classic, ask back: do you work for free?

#5 Summer holiday

They clearly don’t understand what you’re doing!

#4 I’m going to start a business too

When you’re in business, you quickly become the go-to mate for anyone in your crew thinking of setting up a business.

#3 All play no work

Like you could go to their place of employment and hang out all afternoon!

#2 Hours in the day

Because you can just take days off when you want… right?!

#1 Money doesn’t grow on trees

Because running a business doesn’t cost money!

Self employment isn’t the easy choice

Contrary to popular belief, leaving employment isn’t the easy option. In fact, it’s the hardest one. But, with time, effort and laser-focus, it’s the one that offers the biggest rewards in the long run. Family and friends may never truly understand what you do. The graft behind the scenes. Why you don’t always text back straight away or can’t go to the cinema on Saturday night.

But never forget who helped you along the way. Only you, the self employed, will truly know what it is to run your own business. The sacrifices. The highs, and lows. The need to take risks in order to achieve rewards.

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