How to come up with blog topics when you have writer’s block

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Will Stevens

Trying to think of blog topics when you have writer's block? Not easy, is it? Coming up with even one idea is a huge struggle, and even when you do think of a topic the chances are it will feel like it isn't a good one.

There isn't a magic cure for writer's block, and often the best way to come up with blog topics isn't just to keep working, but try a new way of developing ideas.

Here are some ways to generate blog topics that you might not have tried and that could help you bust through writer's block.

If you're short of ideas, it always pays to see what your competitors are writing about.

Obviously you can't write exactly the same post as them, but seeing the kinds of topics they're covering will give you a good idea of what's hot in your niche right now.

You can use a tool like Feedly to follow rival blogs in an efficient manner.

Get inspired by keyword research

Keyword research should already be part of your blog topic generation process, but if it isn't including it can reveal a whole host of new topic ideas you hadn't thought of before.

If you have budget to spend, there are a whole host of keyword research tools out there including SEMRush and Ahrefs - one of the best things about tools like this is that they allow you to see which keywords rival blogs are using to attract visitors, which will help inspire you.

If you're on a tighter budget, you should consider GoDaddy's Search Engine Optimization tool. It's not as powerful as dedicated keyword research tools, but it will still provide you with plenty of useful suggestions and at £5.99 a month it's a lot easier on the wallet.

See what's making a splash on social media

Understanding what works well for other bloggers is a good way to get your creative juices flowing.

But obviously you can't spend hours and hours on the hunt for content.

That's where Buzzsumo comes in. It lets you easily see what pieces of content are doing well on social media, and because you can track publications and authors, or search by keyword you can easily see what's happening in your niche.

Ask your readers

If you've already got a sizeable blog readership, why not ask them what they'd like to see from future posts?

After all, they're the ones you're aiming to please. You could do this informally, by asking for suggestions on social media, or more formally by creating a survey about your blog and sending it to your email subscribers.

You can find out more about gathering feedback through surveys here.

Use a blog topic generator

If you're completely stuck for blog topic ideas, then you could try an automated blog topic generator.

Don't expect every suggestion to be pure gold, but with so many ideas there's bound to be something that will come in useful.

Check out the Hubspot blog topic generator, and the Portent content idea generator.

Hit the books

Research is the mother of inspiration, so if you're short of ideas hitting the books can help unlock new blog topic ideas.

Professional writers usually have a wide and varied reading list, so don't feel you have to stick to books that are directly related to things you'll be blogging about - inspiration can come from the most unexpected of sources.

Get away from your desk

If you're suffering from writer's block, spending fruitless hours at your desk can be hugely counterproductive.

Getting away from your desk can help get your creative juices flowing.

You might decide to go for a walk, or a run. You might decide to do some housework that has been piling up.

The exact task doesn't matter, as long as it's something that doesn't require much thought to do - as that's the key to clearing your thoughts.

Oh, and no listening to music or podcasts while you're trying this technique - they'll stop your mind from clearing and prevent the flow of ideas.

Change your writing routine

Routine is considered by some to be the enemy of creativity, so if you always sit down to write at the same time of day then change things around a little.

Something as simple as trying to write in the morning if you usually write in the evening can help break through writer's block.

Blog in a different format

If writing isn't doing it for you, why not try video blogging? Working in a different format will make a refreshing change, and could help you think of new blog ideas.

Summing up

Not being able to think of new blog ideas because you have writer's block is highly frustrating and can even make you think about giving up blogging for good.

Hopefully the techniques we've looked at above will help break through your writer's block, and keep you on the road to blogging success.

And remember, if the choice is between writing something even if it's not great, or giving up blogging completely then keeping going is always the best option.