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Suzanne Richards

We say it a lot at GoDaddy, but it still bears repeating. You can have the most beautiful and relevant website, but if it’s not properly optimized for search engines, it might as well not exist. Wondering what makes GoDaddy SEO Services so good? Let us explain how our success is more than just talk.

Search engine optimization is important

Think back to the last time you bought something online. Did you head to a search engine first?

If you did, you’re in good company. 81% of consumers search online before buying!  And when you were researching, did you click to page two of the search engine result page to continue reading? Chances are you stayed on the first page. Again, you wouldn’t be alone. Fewer than 10% of Google searchers ever look at page two.

The vast majority of searchers stay on the first page. A handful go to page two, but very few make it beyond that

Page one of the search engine ranking pages (SERPs) is where all the eyeballs are.

It’s packed with searchers and people competing for searcher attention.

There can easily be thousands—sometimes even millions—of websites competing for any given keyword!

This means that very few websites get to page one by accident anymore. It takes a lot of work and continual improvement to get your site to the top and keep it there. This is search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO: A path to business growth

The good news? Quality SEO work is well within reach of anyone who’s willing to invest in it, and it’s an investment that never stops paying you back.

Optimizing your site for search engines can increase your rankings. And when your rankings go up, your traffic almost always gets a boost too.

This will bring in more leads and eventually more customers. It can take months for all these benefits to materialize, but almost everyone who sticks with a good SEO plan will see it’s the best way to go.

A diagram showing how improving search rankings can lead to more revenue. In a circle, it says “rankings bring in traffic”. There is an arrow connecting that circle to another circle which says “Traffic brings in leads”. That circle is connected by an arrow to a third circle saying “Leads bring in customers”. The third circle connects to the final circle which says “Customers bring in revenue”.
From rankings to revenue!

So how do you find quality SEO that pays you back? Here are a few lessons we’ve learned doing search engine optimization for our customers.

Getting to page one

To reach the Holy Grail of page one, you have two options: pay-per-click or organic SEO.

Pay per click (PPC, also called “cost per click” or “CPC”) is the search engine pay-to-play model. You select the keyword you want to rank for, write a little ad copy around it, and pay money to place that ad at the top of the search engine rankings pages.

It will appear prominently on the page a lot like an organic listing, but will usually contain shading and/or copy that sets it apart as an ad, like this:

Image highlighting ads at the top of Google search results, with the organic results below them

PPC can be fine option for certain keywords, but you can end up paying more than you actually make back.

And the moment you stop forking over the money to the search engines, your keyword falls off page one.

And although PPC can work, research suggests that 70-80% of people ignore paid search results and click on the organic results.

That’s why we recommend small businesses get organic SEO work done on your website.

That means rolling up your sleeves and making site changes that will help it get found by Google. This a better long-term solution for getting found online, and it can be a lot more cost-effective than PPC.

A word of caution: many believe that organic SEO is as easy as sprinkling your page with keywords. The truth is Google and other search engines are way too smart for that.

They have a well-worked-out system with hundreds of ways to evaluate site quality and trustworthiness. These sites rank higher. To be successful at SEO, you have to understand what Google looks for when deciding if a website should rank well, which requires consistent study

You also need technical knowledge to make the required chances to a website. It’s a tall order, we know.

That’s why so many businesses, especially ones that don’t have a marketing team budget, are turning to GoDaddy to optimize their websites.

Rest assured we have a team of experts who eat, live, and breathe SEO.

We’ve gotten tens of thousands of websites on the first page of Google.

Your website could be next.

You’re in great hands with GoDaddy SEO Services

Over 80% of our customers see first-page results for their targeted keywords within 6 months when they choose the recommended plan and allow on-site optimization.

Why our SEO works better than others

We put a lot into our SEO services, but there five unique qualities that make it work.

  1. We’re affordable. For a long time, SEO service was something that only big companies with deep pockets could afford. We’ve changed all of that. We’ve created super-efficient SEO completion software that distils our giant SEO workload into individual tasks. Then, almost like an assembly line, the software pushes each task to the correct human expert who completes it. We can cut time, effort, and cost needed for normal SEO service and still make sure it’s completed by experts. It’s an innovative way to reduce the price without sacrificing quality
  2. We have more experience at small-business SEO than almost anyone. When it comes to SEO, GoDaddy is one of the most established companies with a worldwide customer base. Chances are we’ve helped businesses like yours. We think you’d have a hard time finding another company with experience in as many markets, industries, and geographies.
  3. Data drives all our decisions (and we have a ton of data) Because we’re the largest small-business SEO provider in the world, we have access to one of the biggest collections of SEO data. It’s updated daily, giving us an accurate picture of the best tactics for getting small businesses on page one. Often our data confirms that current, trending SEO tactics are correct. Other times it tells us that they don’t work and to go in another direction. Either way, our clients will always have access to the most current and effective SEO strategies.
  4. We show you our work. With so many rules, SEO can be mysterious and confusing and is notoriously hard to measure and report. That’s why at GoDaddy, we show you everything we do. From key metrics such as rankings and traffic to the day-to-day tasks we complete, everything is visible and charted every week. Your SEO progress will be crystal-clear.
  5. Our service is second to none. Our team is comprised of skilled SEO technicians who know your business by name and give a personal touch to every bit of work they do. Our clients also have access to a team of SEO service specialists who can answer questions and concerns over the phone.

We get results, take it from our customers

Mokihana Pest Control has been with GoDaddy SEO Services since January 2021, within three months three of their target keywords were ranking number 1, with a further two in the top ten.

Accent Dental turned to GoDaddy in December 2020 when it was facing competition from new dental clinics. We were able to rank 10 highly-competitive keywords on page one, with two at number one.

Advance Car Wash Solutions became a GoDaddy SEO Services customer in October 2020 and saw a 66% increase in organic traffic in Q1 of 2021 compared to Q4 of 2020.

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