Get your house in order with our free year-end checklist for professional service firms [download]

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Cate Barker

I get it — you’re busy. In addition to delivering services — whether it’s accounting, insurance, legal representation, financial advice or some other professional service — you might also be doing all that for your own business. So nobody would blame you if you put off year-end tasks like checking this year’s marketing ROI or prepping for tax time.

No worries. We’re here to make sure you’re not hunched over your computer on December 31 while everyone else is dancing at end-of-year parties.

View our free year-end checklist for professional service firms

Check out our free copy of our end-of-year checklist and read on for some highlights.

Turn a critical eye on your website

With all you’ve got going on, it’s easy to ignore your website once it’s up and running. (No website? Create one in under an hour.) To get the most out of them, websites need ongoing updates. Here are a couple of hotspots we cover in our free download:

Make sure it’s mobile friendly

If your website is responsive, meaning it “responds” and displays correctly on any device, congrats! If not, it’s time to make this happen. Take the Mobile Friendly Test here.

Using a website that’s not mobile-friendly means you’ll likely lose every prospective client who’s searching for your services via their mobiles.

Check the doors and windows

Hacking continues to be a threat — and not just for big companies. Automated bots are always trolling the web, looking for open windows and cracks hackers can use to worm their way into websites. The goal? To plant malware or, worse yet, steal private data they can sell on the dark web.

Any website that accepts or stores personally identifiable information — names, addresses, emails, passwords, social security or credit card numbers — needs to take precautions. Read our download to find out more.

Pull together financials for taxes and planning

If you’ve been doing this throughout the year, you’re a genius. If not, you’ll want to do it now to avoid late fees and last-minute filing stress. Our year-end checklist for professional service firms includes:

  • Due dates for paying business taxes, sending 1099-MISC forms and self-employment taxes.
  • Instructions on how to find out if your business is required to file an annual report.
  • Step-by-step details on how to prep for your financial audit or meeting with your tax preparer.
  • Resources for reviewing your business structure to confirm it’s still a good fit.

… and plenty more.

Look back at the year’s marketing efforts

It’s easy to be enthusiastic about new promotional efforts — let’s try airplane banners! — and even easier to forget to check if any of it actually brought in more work. Our download walks you through a marketing review, from how to tally your expenses to starting an email newsletter, sprucing up your social media pages and starting a blog to capture new leads. Two highlights:

Free advertising

Many business owners don’t know that Google, Bing and Yelp might already have a local listing for their business. Learn how to check your local listings for accuracy or create new ones if necessary.

Plan to be a leader

Now’s the time to review speaking opportunities in the new year. This is a great way to position yourself as an expert in your field and network with colleagues who can send you work. Estimate travel and membership expenses now for new year budgeting.

Start at the top and work your way down

Don’t wait until your accountant starts sending frantic emails or for contractors to ask where their 1099s are. Download your copy of the year-end checklist for professional service firms, then set aside an hour or two each week to check a few more things off the list. Come New Year’s, you’ll be glad you did.