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Matthew Pattinson

When DJ and music producer, Omar Meho, was just starting out, he struggled to find a tutor in the industry. So, he pledged to become good enough to be one himself.

Today, he helps aspirational musicians get a foothold in the music scene and achieve their goals, from performing on the radio to getting first DJ residencies. With over 34,000 students in over 150 countries, a website with GoDaddy has helped him spin to online success. This is the story of Music Workflow Academy.

When the tables turn

Before the pandemic hit, Omar Meho was touring around the world. But when this was made impossible due to COVID-19, he saw the perfect opportunity for others to learn more about himself and grow his personal brand. 

“I used my unique skills and high-level experience to teach others, from playing in Ibiza superclubs and 5-star resorts in the Alps, to UK festival audiences of 12,500 people. I also have played in the #1 club in the world which is a huge achievement for me.

​​My passion is music. I love to share music with people and introduce them to new works that they haven’t heard before. I love creating moments for people, bringing joy and making memories. That's what life is all about.

For this DJ, inspiration comes from the desire to help others and make the world a better place. He explains:  “If I can help one person a day, I’ve done something right. The best part of my job is those breakthrough moments of helping someone, that actually change their life for the better.”

Music Workflow Academy promises to provide a roadmap to success, and offer support every step of the way. The business is about helping others, whatever their skill level or background, to achieve their dreams, secure their future in the music industry and find a connection with a community that has no bounds. DJ-Omar-Meho-founder-of-Music-Workflow-Academy

Picking up the pace

But how to find profit from passion? Omar explains that consistency is key, and resilience is crucial. His advice to others starting out, and hoping to turn a hobby into a livelihood, is to never give up. 

Put your head down for six months and never give up. Results come from consistent actions over time. Actually follow your dreams and not what other people tell you. Learn from the best, avoid gatekeepers and negativity, and put more work in than anybody else.

There will always be obstacles along the way, but strength comes from overcoming these. For business owner Omar, struggle came from amping up the business.

“Once I was fully booked, I struggled to scale my business as there was only one of me. But I quickly found a way around that.”

Mastering online business

For online success that’s off the record, Music Workflow Academy required a website to promote its new goods and services, from sample packs, to online tutoring and courses. Omar chose GoDaddy for user-friendliness and customer service he can rely on.

“The website builder tool was extremely easy to use: smooth, quick and effective. It got me the results I wanted and has frequent updates to improve the platform. They also listen to customers’ feedback which is very helpful. 

I know if I call the customer services team, they will get my problem resolved. It's like having an additional team member.

"Every time I speak to the GoDaddy team, they are extremely helpful and show genuine interest in what I'm doing. They are frequently able to relate to me, very reliable and always point me in the right direction.”

With over 20 online courses and 400 hours of footage, Music Workflow Academy provides a range of services, including music production lessons, mixing, mastering, sample packs, templates, racks, tutorials, stems, DJ lessons and playlist placement. You can find Music Workflow Academy on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or check out their website here.

Feeling inspired?

If you're inspired by Omar’s story and ready to start your online journey, we’re standing by ready to help. 

At GoDaddy we’re all about empowering every idea, business, side hustle or nonprofit cause to claim their place online and look great at the same time. 

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