10+ amazing WordPress photography themes to showcase your work

5 min read
Will Stevens

If you're a photographer showing off your work in the right way is crucial. That means it's important you pick the right WordPress photography theme, so you can show can your work in a way potential clients will like.

Here's a selection of the best WordPress photography themes around.

Please note, prices listed in this article are correct at time of publication.

Core Minimalist Photography Theme

Core is a great, simple way to show off your work. There's a full screen slideshow and even a video portfolio so you can show how you work, as well as your finished results.

On the down side, the theme isn't currently high res and it hasn't yet been optimised for the Gutenberg editor.

Go here to see a live preview of the Core Minimalist Theme.

Vega Photography Portfolio

This theme offers everything you'd expect, plus a few nice little extras. For example, you can easily create a private, password-protected gallery which you can then send to clients so they can preview the work you've done for them.

It isn't yet Gutenberg optimised, but it is high res.

You can preview the Vega theme here.

Novo Photography WordPress Theme

Novo is another strong all-round photography theme, which is suitable for freelancers, agencies and studios.

Along with the usual gallery features it offers an online shop, so you can sell your work. There's also password-protected galleries, and the right-click function is disabled to stop people saving your photos.

You can see a live preview of Nova here.

Kinatrix WordPress photography theme

Kinatrix does everything you would want from a photography portfolio theme and offers pre-created templates so you can get your site up and running quickly.

It also offers an event management function, which is ideal for people like wedding photographers.

You can check out a preview of the Kinatrix thme here.

Avena WordPress photography theme

Another great all-round photography theme, Avena also promises fast load times, which is always important for image-heavy websites.

On top of that, it's already optimized for Gutenberg so it should work like a dream with the latest version of WordPress.

You can view a demo of Avena here.

Free photography WordPress themes from GoDaddy

If you use WordPress from GoDaddy, then you'll have access to loads of WordPress themes for free.

You can browse the free WordPress photography themes here. If you see one you like, you can sign up for WordPress hosting from as little as £2.99 a month.

It's also worth checking out GoDaddy's Website Builder too, although it's not powered by WordPress it offers a range of themes that are suitable for photographers and it requires less technical knowledge to set up and maintain than a WordPress site.

Stacker Lite

Looking for nothing more than a simple WordPress theme that will let you display your photos? Stacker Lite has everything you need. It lacks the high end features you'd  expect from a premium theme, but as Stacker Lite is free that's to be expected.

But if you want a quality basic theme with which to showcase your work, Stacker Lite will do the trick.

You can see a live demo of Stacker Lite here.

Minimal Portfolio

With a name like that, you can probably guess what Minimal Portfolio offers. It's another free WordPress theme, so it's great for people just starting out or students who are on a tight budget.

Don't expect it to set the world alight with extra features, but it's still an exceedingly solid theme.

You can view a live demo of Minimal Portfolio here.


Sometimes you want to complement your images with words, so if you're looking for a free photo blogging theme then Photoblogster is the one for you.

It promises fast loading times, and a high degree of customizability.

You can check out a live preview of Photoblogster here.


Inspiro is a versatile premium WordPress theme that can be adapted to many photography-related uses.

For example, you can easily use it to create a wedding photographer-themed site, and it also offers excellent support for video.

You can check out a live preview of Inspiro here.


If you're a fashion photographer and/or blogger, then Monte is definitely a theme you should check out.

It integrates with Instagram, and offers you a clean-looking way to combine your photos and their stories behind them.

You can see a live demo of Monte here.

Summing up

There are tonnes of good WordPress photography themes out there, the key is finding one that matches you needs.

The themes we've looked at in this guide provide a good range of options, but make sure you're certain a theme can do what you want before you commit to one.