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E-mail transmission is too slow.

I am now using your linux-based hosting service, and running a website using WordPress.


I am using email to communicate with our customers, and the email service is managed from the discount domain company(


When a customer places an order, I receive a request from the email.


However, customer emails are being received too late.


It usually takes about an hour, and when it is too slow, it takes three hours to arrive in my inbox.


When I switched to Gmail, it was confirmed to be received within one minute.


Therefore, it seems to be blocking certain email services in hosting.


I would appreciate it if you let me know how to deal with this issue.


Thank you.

Super User I



Are your MX servers different than your hosting name servers?


You state "and the email service is managed from the discount domain company".  If your MX servers are with another company, not GoDaddy hosting, that is the company you need to contact about any email issues.


Hosting name servers are separate from mail servers (MX) -- two separate gigs. 


HTH! 😉

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Thank you a lot:)