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An order isn’t appearing in the mobile app

In the GoDaddy mobile app, you can search for all transactions processed through GoDaddy Payments. If an order isn’t appearing, here are some things to try.

Step 1: Review the search guidelines

Use the following guidelines when searching for past transactions. If one type of search isn’t working, try searching with a different method.

  • Transaction ID search:
    • Don’t include a hashtag (#) in your search.
    • Enter the full 8-character transaction ID. (This is usually a mix of letters and numbers.)
    • If the full transaction ID isn’t working, try entering the first 3 characters only.
  • Amount search:
    • Include a dollar sign ($) in your search.
    • Enter the exact amount, with decimals. (Example: $24.99)
  • Name search:
    • Search by first name, last name, or first and last name together.
    • Don’t include a middle name in your search.
    • The order must have a customer name associated with it for this type of search to work.

Step 2: Reboot the mobile app

Close the GoDaddy mobile app on your smart device, then restart it and try again.

Step 3: Check for transactions in your web browser

Go to the Dashboard where you manage your GoDaddy Payments account and search for the transaction there. Additional filters and search parameters are available in the dashboard that may help you locate the order.

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