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View my transactions

Every order you process with GoDaddy Payments is recorded as a transaction in your account. You can use the Payments Hub, Poynt Smart Terminal, or GoDaddy app to see all of your GoDaddy Payments transactions – whichever method you prefer! Transaction details include the date, transaction ID, customer name, payment method, last four digits of the credit card, amount charged, the source of the charge, and the status.

When you’re in the Payments Hub or the Poynt Smart Terminal, you can also use that criteria to search for a specific transaction. This comes in handy if a customer has questions about a particular charge, requires a refund or if a chargeback is initiated.

Note: Each transaction is subject to processing fees. These processing fees are taken from your daily payout and appear on your payout reports.

Your Payments Hub allows you to view, search and manage any GoDaddy Payments transaction from your online store, pay links, Poynt Smart Terminal, GoDaddy app or Poynt Card Reader.

  1. Sign in to your GoDaddy Payments Hub (use your GoDaddy username and password).
  2. Select Transactions.
  3. Select a transaction ID to see details and transaction status, or to view or reissue a receipt, refund a payment, or void a transaction.

Note: If you lose your network connection during a transaction, check the list to ensure the transaction was processed. If it does not appear, attempt the transaction again.

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