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Issue a refund to my customer

You can refund or void a charge processed through GoDaddy Payments in the Payments Hub, Poynt Smart Terminal or Poynt Card Reader. All transactions can either be partially or fully refunded.

Refunds can take around 5-7 business days to process and appear on the customer’s card. If your customer has not received a refund within that timeframe, recommend that they contact their credit card company.

Note: There are no processing fees when issuing refunds; however, the processing fee for the initial transaction will not be refunded.

Issue a refund in my Payments Hub

  1. Sign in to your Payments Hub (use your GoDaddy username and password).
  2. Under Quick Links, select Refund Transaction.
  3. Locate the transaction you’d like to refund and select the alt name for the image More menu, then select Refund or Void.
  4. Enter the total amount of the transaction to process a full refund, or a portion to process a partial refund.
  5. Select Refund.

Note: If a transaction has been paid out, you’ll see Refund. If it hasn’t been paid out, you’ll see Void.

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