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Automatic WordPress image optimization with PressTHUMB

PressTHUMB allows you to save storage space and bandwidth while simultaneously improving your site's speed and overall visitor experience.

How WordPress media management works

By default, WordPress automatically processes images that are uploaded through the media gallery and generates multiple thumbnail sizes, allowing you to select the size that best suits your needs. While this does a decent job, it often results in numerous copies of the same image, taking up extra storage space for images that may never be used.

Aside from the extra storage space, there's additional resource usage that isn't always apparent. Since the image processing happens within the media library, each image upload takes a little bit of extra processing power to resize and save the additional image files. Although it's not a big deal unless you're performing bulk uploads, every little bit can add up!

How PressTHUMB helps

PressTHUMB solves the storage problem by resizing and optimizing images on demand. This means that your site only needs to keep the original copy. Any additional sizes are available whenever you need them.

Better yet, your site's visitors will see better performance, leading to faster load times and often better search engine rankings. Thanks to specialized servers equipped for the task, your images are resized, optimized, and delivered faster than ever.

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