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Customize Apple Pay buttons

Step 2 of the Set up Apple Pay for GoDaddy Payments Series

Choose to display Apple Pay on a single product, cart, or check out pages. Apple Pay buttons can be customized using Apple's style guides. Once customized, you can view how they look by visiting your site and going through check out as your customers would.

Required: Enable GoDaddy Payments in your site by navigating at WooCommerce > Settings > Payments and completing the set up process if you haven't already.

  1. Select which Pages to enable Apple Pay on: Single Product, Cart, Checkout
    • This will display the Apple Pay button and allows customers to check out via Apple Pay on any or all of the options that you choose.
    • When Apple Pay is enabled on a Single Product, customers will be able to order from the product's page.
  2. Button label: Optionally choose a label for the Apple Pay button using Apple's button types.
  3. Button style: Choose a style for the Apple Pay button using Apple's button styles.
  4. Button size: Change the size for the Apple Pay button following Apple's button size guidelines.

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