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Troubleshooting issues with shipping labels for Managed WooCommerce Stores

If you've encountered any issues while using our integrated shipping labels feature, this guide can help you gather more information and troubleshoot them.

You can choose one of the links below to proceed:

Disconnect and Reconnect ShipEngine

Disconnecting and reconnecting your account will refresh the connection between your store and the ShipEngine platform, thus helping with connectivity issues. This can be a great first troubleshooting step to ensure that nothing is blocking the connection between the two platforms.

Enable the WordPress debug log

It's possible that a plugin or theme is causing a conflict with our native shipping labels feature. A good starting step would be enabling the WordPress debug log and gathering more information. If you notice any critical errors, we highly recommend reaching out to our care team and attaching the log to take a closer look.

Here's a guide on how to enable the WordPress debug log for your site.

Plugin & Theme Conflict

If you encounter any issues with your site, completing a plugin and theme conflict can provide you with more information, and even a solution, on what could be causing them. In order to proceed with a plugin and theme conflict:

  • Disable all plugins except WooCommerce
  • Try to replicate the issue again
  • If it's not replicable, start enabling plugins one-by-one while trying to replicate the issue

For a theme conflict, you can follow the same process and instead change to a default WordPress theme like Twenty Twenty-Two and see if the issue persists.

Check the ShipEngine Balance

It's possible that a shipping label can't be created because there's not enough funds to your ShipEngine account. You can check your balance by navigating to the ShipEngine Dashboard and clicking on the Billing page. Here's a guide with more information.

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