Create a catchy slogan for your business

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Kara Stokes

Getting noticed in a world filled with advertising isn’t easy. So, it’s vital to have a punchy slogan to help your brand bust through the noise.

A slogan is a simple, crisp sentence designed to stick in your audience’s mind.

Big brands know the power of slogans and use them to help promote their products or a particular campaign.

Here are five examples of Australian brands that have nailed the formula for creating slogans you can’t forget:

  • Canva’s “Design anything. Publish anywhere.” This appeals to their target audience because it’s all about freedom. Canva gives people of all skill levels the tools and flexibility to create designs, no matter where they are.
  • Vegemite tastes like Australia sloganVegemite’s “Tastes like Australia” is a proud statement that supports its unique flavour and taps into our love for our nation.
  • L’Oréal’s “Because you’re worth it” gives women permission to spend more on their beauty products.
  • Hungry Jacks’ slogan may be the simplest of them all, but it’s also highly effective. “The burgers are better” is hard to argue against when you’re choosing which fast-food outlet to visit.
  • Cancer Council’s “Slip, Slop, Slap” has been one of Australia’s most effective health campaigns. It uses the rule of three to give it rhythm and alliteration to make it stay in your mind.

Coming up with your slogan takes a lot of creativity and thought — but it’s far from impossible. Read on for DIY tips.

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Create a slogan for free

When you don’t have the same budget as a big brand to hire a marketing team, turn to free software options instead.

These free slogan makers are guaranteed to get the inspiration flowing:

A winning slogan is short and clear — there’s no room for confusion or misinterpretation. It also needs to be powerful, which is why you’ll find most slogans use emotive language. Words and phrases that conjure up feelings or images are the most potent.

Why are slogans so tricky to write?

Many people assume the fewer words you need to put on a page, the easier they will be to write.

But it’s the exact opposite.

Because when you only have a few words to play with — every word has to work so much harder.

Here are three steps to get you started on a catchy slogan for your venture:

1. Start with a brainstorming session

The best way to start writing a slogan is by figuring out what you want to say.

Brainstorming Session

Think about what you want your audience to think and feel when they read your slogan. What do you want it to say about your product or campaign?

Get all your thoughts and ideas onto a page or record them on your phone. This step is the most important because when it comes to our businesses, we all have a lot to say.

2. Strengthen your idea

Once it’s all out in front of you, it’s much easier to decide which ideas, words and phrases to keep and which ones to cut.

As you sift through your ideas, you may find a strong theme occurring.

This is the basis of your slogan.

From there, try swapping one word for another (use a thesaurus to inspire you) and switching the order of the words.

3. Keep it on brand

Your business has a unique voice. It might be:

  • Humble, humourous and relatableHungry Jack’s slogan
  • Blunt, bold and authoritative
  • Cool and professional

Whatever tone you use in your content, make sure your slogan matches it. Consistency is the key to building a positive brand reputation.

4. Ask the experts

If you end up with a few versions of the same slogan and can’t choose which one to use, ask your target audience for feedback. These are the people most likely to be your customers.

Even the most experienced marketer doesn’t know how the public will react to a campaign or new offer.

The only way to know for sure is to test it.

Choose a small group of email subscribers or social media followers and ask which of two slogans they like best.

Once you’ve gained some insight into what they think of your new slogan, you’ll either emerge with a winner or rewrite your slogan to match what they’d like to hear.

Slogan FAQs

Q. What are some good slogans for a business?

A. Business slogans need to conjure up a positive image.

If your software is all about effectiveness and speed, you could have a slogan like "Done faster. Done right.”

Or if your graphic design products are about helping personal brands show who they are, you’d choose something like “Express yourself.”

Q. What makes a good slogan for a restaurant?

A. Like any good slogan, it must tap into what your audience wants. Some people are only focused on value — getting as much food as possible for minimal spending.

Others want to be adventurous and try something new. And some people are looking for comfort — delicious foods they know and love in a space designed for chatting with friends.

Once you know what your audience is looking for, you can create a slogan to suit. For example, “Get a plateful” gives the impression they’ll get lots of food but “A sensory delight” speaks of delicate flavours rather than quantity.

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Q. Is there a difference between a slogan and a tagline?

A. Taglines are designed to tell people your venture’s core values. They give an overall impression of the brand without explaining what it is that you do or sell.

But slogans are geared towards advertising and prompting an emotional reaction. Slogans grab attention and instantly get you to imagine what the business will do for you.

While a tagline helps you decide if a brand is aligned with your values, a slogan is all about creating those happy vibes. Plus, taglines are meant to be a permanent brand fixture, but slogans are made for a specific campaign or product.

Coming up with a catchy slogan takes a little time and effort. But it’s the perfect way to make your brand stand out.