11 business cards that send a sustainable message

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Leighton Burley

As people are becoming more eco-conscious, many entrepreneurs have started looking for environmentally friendly businesses practices. Business cards are no exception and can come in a variety of sustainable materials that range from recyclable cotton to biodegradable paper.

There are even paper-free and virtual business cards that can be shared with anyone, anywhere.

Over the years, business cards have been used as a helpful tool to provide professional contact information to customers and potential leads.

However, 90% of all business card paper ends up in landfills, which comes at a high cost to the environment. Each year, countless business cards are printed and then thrown out in the trash as paper waste.

To help combat this problem, we’ll look at the best business card options that’ll send a more sustainable message to your customers.

11 business cards that send a sustainable message

Eco-friendly business cards are great for reducing your business's carbon footprint. Here are some of the best alternatives to traditional paper business cards.

1. HiHello virtual business card

Sample of HiHello digital business cards

One way to reduce your business’s ecological impact is by using a virtual business card. The HiHello virtual business card is an excellent way for you to create a digital business card you can share using your mobile device or computer. Virtual business cards are popular because they’re:

  • Better for the environment
  • Easy to share
  • Quick to update at a moment's notice
  • Safer to handle when trying to minimize the spread of germs

Your virtual business card also can’t get lost, so your network will always have your contact information on-hand. Virtual business card can be shared via:

  • Email
  • Text
  • Social media
  • QR code
  • Link sharing
  • NFC tag
  • Email signatures
  • Virtual backgrounds

With HiHello, you’ll have the ability to share your contact information effortlessly.

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2. Kraft business cards by VistaPrint

Sample of VistaPrint craft business cards

As part of their efforts to create sustainable paper options, VistaPrint made the Kraft business card.

This alternative to traditional business cards is printed with 90% post-consumer recycled material that creates a light brown paper stock, giving the business cards a natural, earthy feel. VistaPrint is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and a member of the Rainforest Alliance, which uses its funds for reforestation.

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3. Green Banana Paper

Sample Green Banana Paper business cards

Because business cards made from recycled banana fibres are uncommon, it's a unique concept that’s sustainable and revolutionary. It also makes an interesting talking point any time you want to break the ice at a networking event. Green Banana Paper uses a combination of recycled stock and banana fibres to create a solid lightweight material that’s:

  • Water-resistant
  • Biodegradable
  • Rapidly renewable

All of their business cards are handmade and ethically crafted by communities in Micronesia, which helps provide jobs for the locals on the island.

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4. Mobilo virtual business card

Another sustainable option is the Mobilo virtual business card. This option allows you to easily share your information via QR code, plug-and-play sharing, or an NFC chip in a plastic business card or key fob.

Sample Mobilo smart business card
Simply tap your card or key fob on anyone’s phone to share your info.

Compatible with all modern smartphones, this card’s designed for people that want to connect through:

  • In-person networking events
  • Online networking events
  • Virtual meetings

Mobilo’s business card also makes it easier to manage the leads you generate from networking events.

5. Botanical PaperWorks

Botanical paperworks seed paper business cards

Botanical PaperWorks uses biodegradable paper to create business cards with seeds infused into the fibres. When buried in a pot of soil, these cards will grow into a plant for the office. It’s a memorable statement piece that’ll remind them to think of you every time they see the plant.

Even if your business card ends up in the trash, the seeds will still flourish and help the environment by replacing paper waste with flowers and plants.

6. Jukebox Bamboo business cards

It takes years for trees to grow back after they’ve been cut and processed into traditional paper for business cards. But if you're looking for something more eco-friendly, these Jukebox bamboo business cards are the way to go.

Bamboo is well known for its ability to quickly replenish itself once harvested.

Plus it uses less water than hardwood trees and produces more oxygen. All of Jukebox Bamboo’s cards are created from 90% bamboo pulp and 10% recycled cotton fabric, making a paper card stock that feels soft and textured.

7. DIY handmade business cards

Handmade business card with rubber stamp on table

A simple way to create an eco-friendly business card is to go the DIY route, using rubber stamps and recycled card stock. Handmade business cards will showcase the effort and care you put into your business, plus give you creative control of the design process. You can find custom rubber stamps on Etsy that will allow you to add in your business information, then use the stamps to press card stocks into handmade business cards.

Another option is to use an ink pad to stamp your business information on handmade cards. If you don’t already have blank cardstock, you can also get recycled cardstock from Etsy.

Editor’s note: Need a logo for your business card? Create one yourself with GoDaddy Logo Maker!

8. MOO Cotton business cards

Sample of MOO cotton business cards

If you want to stop using paper products altogether, you’ll want to look at these MOO Cotton business cards. The MOO Cotton business cards use 100% cotton T-shirt cuttings that get thrown away, where they later recycle the leftover fabrics into the paper stock. MOO uses a collaborative partner called Mohawk Connects, which collects the cotton cuttings from various textile mills to create the tree-free paper stock.

This kind of paper comes in a bright white colour, making ink appear more vivid. It also features a natural texture that has a high-quality feel, with an unfinished coating you can easily write on without smudging.

9. LinkedIn’s QR Code Scanner

LinkedIn’s QR Code Scanner is another sustainable way to share your virtual business card with potential customers and leads.

Instead of using a paper card, create a digital business card that can be accessed via a QR code.

The LinkedIn QR code can direct your leads to your LinkedIn profile or CV resume. You can also add the code to your email signature, so that everyone you contact can easily access your LinkedIn profile. The nice thing about the LinkedIn QR Code business card is that it’s free.

Sample haystack virtual business card10. Haystack App virtual business card

The Haystack App is a digital alternative that allows you to create multiple business cards and manage each card separately. You can easily share these with your customers so that they’ll always have access to your contact information.

There’s even an option to create business cards in multiples languages so that your customers can read it in their native language.

Even if your customers don't download the Haystack app, you can still share your virtual business card through a unique QR code and URL.

11. Switchit virtual business card

The Switchit app is a virtual business card with advanced features that allow you to share personalized digital assets with your leads and manage all your contacts in one app. It features custom options like:

  • QR code readers
  • Contact management
  • Video marketing integration
  • Follow-up reminders
  • Calendar and CRM integration
  • A business card scanner and more

You can also access virtual backgrounds that integrate with Zoom, so that anyone in your call can scan the code and access your Switchit profile. All backgrounds feature a QR code in the corner of your screen for others to access.

Take a step in the right direction

Migrating toward a more eco-friendly business approach is becoming easier, especially when it comes to creating a sustainable business card. Whether you choose to use recycled paper, paper-free alternatives or virtual business cards, it makes a difference. And although it may seem insignificant at first, switching to a sustainable business card could help inspire more change in the future.

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