6 groundbreaking rules for modern homepage design

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Aman Jha

The attraction of your website is majorly dependent on your homepage design. It's often the first thing new visitors to any website see, so it has to make an impression right away.

Websites are now more than just online brochures; they are potent resources that may boost your monthly earnings.

Over 75% of users judge a company's credibility based on its site design.

Hence, you should pay special attention to modern homepage design if you want to get the most out of your site.

What is a homepage?

JharkhINDIA home page design

Any website has an initial page called the homepage. A website's homepage is the page that loads first when a person enters the website's URL into their browser.

It's the first thing people see when they visit your site, so it has to grab their attention and convey the purpose of your site, whether it's professional or personal.

The root domain name is what you see at the beginning of a website's address (URL) and is what you'll use to get there.

For example, you can find the website at right by typing jharkhindia.com into the search bar on your phone.

Why do we need a homepage, exactly? 

One function of a homepage is to serve as a directory, providing users with useful information and connections to other parts of the website.

The homepage plays a pivotal role in making your site's internal pages easily to find.

A homepage can also be used to encourage interaction with the site. The most current blog posts or journal articles, for instance, might be shown prominently on the homepage to provide readers with immediate access to the freshest content.

It may also serve as a platform for informing visitors and advertising upcoming events and discounts.

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Rules for modern homepage design

How the site looks is important, but not the only factor. A conversion-focused homepage is likewise a priority.

If you don't provide a compelling reason for people to take action (e.g. click, request a quote) and make the process as simple and straightforward as possible, they probably won't.

Here are six absolute groundbreaking rules which need to be followed for an outstanding homepage design:

1. Ecosystem-based design

Keep in mind that you won't be successful if you just design things because you think they look nice. Your website's homepage design should communicate your:

When designing a modern homepage, prioritize simplicity by directing users to most popular pages. Your website's ecology should be considered in the design of all other fundamental parts.

Colour schemes for the homepage should center on one or two colours (plus white). Since colours evoke certain feelings in their viewers, they should be carefully considered when selecting those to use on your homepage, in addition to fitting in with your business.

For instance, If you sell healthcare and wellness products, keep the colour palettes of your homepage blue, white, or purple. These colours are proven to be calming to the eyes.

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2. Give social media access

If your visitor finds your product interesting, they are more likely to follow you and connect with you on social media. Make it easy for them!

You don't need to write down your social media handles on the homepage. You can easily add related icons that link to your social media accounts on your homepage.

Website on a laptop showing client testimonials

Making your homepage a welcoming place for your customers will give them a great first impression.

Ideally, your homepage is a “trust factor” for your visitors. One effective strategy is to highlight the positive feedback you've received from satisfied customers.

Trust seals are wonderful for social proof.

You can also add testimonials of the websites where your brand has been featured. It communicates to your visitors that your organization is authentic and respectable.

3. Use HD images with meaning

If you don't want your homepage design to seem like every other site, it ought to have high-quality, unique photographs. When describing your goods, include good product photographs.

If you’re someone who offers services, then show your team members providing the service.

Images and icons used in contemporary website design must be carefully picked to complement the chosen theme, colour scheme, and overall topic of the site.

Using too many images might slow down your website loading time and make it appear crowded. The modern homepage design is emphasizing the use of original, high-quality images that convey a sense of your site's purpose and identity to the viewer.

Remember that the customer experience improves as the level of customization increases.

Make sure the focal point picture doesn't compete with other elements for attention or send the incorrect message. Pick one that works with the colour scheme you've established. And go for an image that concentrates on one thing to avoid giving off a chaotic vibe.

Pro Tip: You shouldn't overstuff your home page with random graphics. Inconveniently scattered images look annoying.

4. An appealing CTA (call to action)

The end objective of every website is to get people to take action — make a purchase, request a quote, etc. There are many other goals as well, including convincing people to provide their email addresses for marketing use.

Orange button reading download

Calls to action (CTAs) are one of the simplest ways to elicit an action from site users.

This may be a button or maybe just some simple text, but it must be easily discernible from the rest of the content on your webpage. The use of contrasting colour is one simple method for achieving this effect. Be thoughtful about the words you use to express your CTA.

  • Avoid burying CTAs at the very bottom of your homepage.
  • Do put them in places where curious shoppers may readily see them.

Don't beat them over the head with your CTAs either. Create a seamless contrast between them and the rest of the page.

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A strong homepage design allows visitors to:

  • Move easily between pages and screens
  • Explain where they are
  • Keep them interested to continue exploring
Search bar with magnifying glass

When you have a lot of material on your website, visitors will find it much easier to discover what they are searching for if there is a search bar available on the page.

This is one of the rules that one should absolutely follow for homepage design. In addition to enhancing the user experience, a search bar provides users with valuable information about the product or services they are seeking when they visit your website.

A customer's first impression of your website and business is formed by how nicely the homepage is laid up. The layout has to provide the information users expect to see on a website, without making the site look too packed.

6. Mobile-friendly layout

More than 54% of all internet traffic currently comes from mobile devices.

You may be missing half of your potential audience if your website can’t be easily used on mobile devices like phones or tablets.

Closeup of woman holding a smartphone

The increase of mobile devices means web traffic may originate from different sources, and your website must provide the same experience on all devices.

That's why it's important to create a mobile-friendly layout for your homepage using responsive web design, which automatically adjusts things like image size, text size, and user interfaces (UIs) based on the device being used to view the site.

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Every website out there has to compete with hundreds, if not millions, of other websites.

Therefore you can't afford to offer anything less than the most useful and visually beautiful design.

Use these rules as a benchmark for your discussions about homepage design features and strategies, and don't let them limit your creativity as you go forward with your projects.


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