Freelancers: 10 domain name extensions for your personal website in India

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Aman Jha

One of the most effective ways to be noticed as a freelancer in India is to launch your personal website. Moreover, if you have a trusted domain name, it will get more visits and inbound links.

Top-level domains (or TLDs) are the last part of a web address. There are hundreds more TLDs available, but the most popular ones are .com, .net, and .org.

Having a URL that is simple to remember is crucial. As demand for URLs has increased, domain name providers have broadened the available domain extensions.

Editor’s Note: Find out what is a domain name and why you need one

This article covers different domain names and how to pick the right one for your personal website.

We can divide top-level domains or TLDs into three groups:

  • Common TLDs: The most common ones include .com, .org, and .co.
  • Sponsored TLDs: Sponsored extensions are TLDs used by a variety of companies and private organizations. For example, .gov, .mil, and .edu.
  • Country code TLDs: Country code top-level domains are the two-letter domain name extensions used for websites based in certain nations like .us (for the United States), .uk (for the United Kingdom), .ca (for Canada) and .in (for India).

What are the benefits of a personal website for freelancers?

For a freelancer, a personal website is a great tool to stand out from the crowd online. 

People in the Indian market would rather be browsing the web than reading an advertisement at a metro station. Thus, having a website is a necessary first step.

Your website serves as your online shop, portfolio, and public face to the world.

Over 15 million people in India are freelancers in fields as diverse as information technology and programming, finance, sales and marketing, design, animation, videography, content and academic writing, etc. According to estimates, Indians make up about one-quarter of the global freelancing workforce.

If you want to make a living as a freelancer, you need to prove to your clients that you can do their work effectively.

Freelancers can expand their clientele and boost their online profile by carefully tending to their "personal brand." Hence, it becomes their responsibility to provide an accurate and honest image of themselves on their website.

What are the benefits of using a different domain extension for your website?

You’ll find a lot of gems in the domain extension list, once you start looking beyond .com extension

If you are a freelancer, choosing a different domain extension might give you a leg up on the competition of startups. There are many ways in which registering a custom domain extension may benefit your internet presence and marketing efforts. 

Here are three benefits of using a different domain extension:

Create more memorable domain names

Domain names are becoming more popular, making it more difficult to get the name you desire. This is the reason why several new TLD extensions are introduced to register names that are both short and catchy. 

Look at alternatives to .com for your personal website's name, such as .io, .co, .net, .org, .tech, .design, .me, and so on. 

These extensions may be useful and memorable in certain contexts.

If you're having trouble coming up with a name for your personal website, consider extensions like .org, .tech, .design, .io, .net, .me, and so on as alternatives

Keep in mind that coming up with a domain name that is both catchy and relevant to your business's mission is essential. And, using catchy domain name extensions for freelancers could prove to be helpful.


Save money on your domain

Your internet reputation cannot afford to be compromised in any way. Hence, getting a good domain extension is nothing but an investment.

Before exploring other domain extensions, take a step back and consider your budget. Since popular domain extensions are pricey, it may be out of the freelancer's budget to purchase one.

Higher demand for the most popular domain extension may lead to higher prices. When registering a domain, many people and companies automatically choose the most common top-level domains (TLDs), like .com and .net. As a consequence, there may be a premium placed on certain TLDs owing to their increased demand.

Tip: If you're looking to save money, your best bet is to go with a web hosting company like GoDaddy that also offers a free domain name.

Given .com’s popularity, the domain you want might no longer be available as .com

The .com extension is the most common and widely used, so it's always a good idea to go with it. However, finding the ideal .com domain name might be difficult. 

If .com is already taken, or you just want something else, there are many other TLDs with similar lasting impacts and benefits.

Using a domain extension other than .com isn't automatically doomed to failure anymore. There has been a major expansion of domain extension with the introduction of new generic top-level domains or gTLDs. These extensions include .technology, .biz, and .blog, among others. 

What is a good domain name extension for a freelancer?

From a multinational conglomerate to a freelancer, a domain name is a reflection of who you are.

You may have a terrible URL if no one ever visits your site through a link.

Ideally,  a domain name should be short and memorable.

A good domain name is one that conveys your message, grabs attention, and fits with your niche. For instance, a freelance sound engineer might choose the .audio domain extension, while a fashion designer might go with the .fashion extension. The options are truly endless.

Choose "same name" if you want a website address that is identical to your company's official name. Your site's objective and area of expertise can be better communicated to potential visitors if you choose the right keywords.

You can also include your location (city or state) in your domain name if your company serves a local audience.

Note: If your preferred .com name is already taken, go with the next best option. With a little thought and innovation, you can find a domain extension that serves your needs.

Naming your website is a lot like naming a newborn child: it requires some thought and consideration because it will stay for a lifetime. Choosing the best domain name for your website requires careful consideration of a number of factors

Would using a non .com domain extension affect your SEO?

The .com extension dominates the domain market. As of June 2023, 47.8% of global websites use a .com TLD. This raises the issue of whether or not using a different domain extension will affect how people see a website.

There is no direct impact on search engine results from domain extensions, but they may affect how users perceive a website and hence SEO in a roundabout way.

Meanwhile, if you use the proper keywords on your personal website, this may boost your SEO and make it simpler for potential customers to locate you online.

Google has declared that they do not weigh on domain extensions when determining search engine rankings. For Google, it doesn't matter what kind of website you're looking for; what matters most is that you get the relevant search results

Also,  .com is the default domain extension for mobile devices, so keep that in mind if you want people to browse your personal website on a phone.

What are the top 10 domain extensions for freelancer personal websites?

Personal websites are like digital business cards for freelancers; it's a place for them to introduce themselves and promote their work.

Here are the top 10 domain extension for freelancers in India:

  1. .IN
  2. .COM
  3. .CO.IN
  4. .ME
  5. .NET
  6. .IO
  7. .INFO
  8. .ONLINE
  9. .PRO
  10. .ORG

1. .IN domain extension

.IN: For any freelancer, .com domain extension is a standard choice. However, it's recommended to use the .in domain extension if you're just interested in doing business in India. 

According to a report by The Economic Times, With over 2.5 million .in domain registrations, India becomes the second most popular country in Asia for ccTLDs in 2021.

How freelancers can benefit from .in?

  • When referring to India, use the .in TLD to aim for the Indian market. 
  • Whether you're selling products or providing services that are tailored to the Indian market, reaching out to an Indian audience is crucial. 
  • Freelancers in India can boost their reputation and trustworthiness by using the .in domain extension.

2. .COM domain extension

.COM: It is highly recommended that you register a .com domain since it is the most popular and most reputable of all domain extensions. A global online presence is easier to achieve with a .com domain name. In addition, it is a viable choice for reaching customers outside of India.

How freelancers can benefit from .com?

  • The .com domain extension was created to identify commercial websites, thus it makes sense for a freelancer to use it if they want to expand their new website.
  • Any freelancer should opt .com domain extension because of its overwhelming popularity.
  • Freelancers will also get great resale value with .com.

3. .CO.IN domain extension

.CO.IN: domains are technically separate from .in domains but they are often treated as part of the latter.

The top-level domain (TLD) is reserved exclusively for use in India. Businesses and individuals seeking a more niche domain name extension frequently choose this option over .in.

How freelancers can benefit from

  • Using a TLD like demonstrates your commitment to your local community and also improves your search engine rankings. 
  • For one thing, search engines will prioritize your site more highly if it has a country-specific TLD, and for another, real Indian customers will feel more at ease doing business with you if your domain name ends with rather than .com.

A freelancer who wants to establish a local presence can benefit from

In India, only approved organizations can register the following .in second-level domain names. Such domains may be inaccessible to a freelancer unless they meet the specific requirements set out for each domain. For instance, only officially recognized universities in India are eligible to register domains.

Here are other examples of top-level domain extensions for India: is used by academic institutes in India. is used for research groups in India. is only used for government agencies in India. is only used for the military in India.

4. .ME domain extension

.ME: One way to promote your own identity is via the use of the .me domain extension. Considering how uncommon .me is, it naturally draws attention. Freelancing business websites and professional profile sites are all natural fits for the .me domain. 

How freelancers can benefit from .me?

The generic top-level domain .me has universal appeal since it doesn't impose language barriers and because the term "Me" is widely known even among those who don't understand English.

5. .NET domain extension

.NET: .net is a TLD that was originally intended for companies that provide networking services. However, it has since become a popular option for individuals and businesses in a variety of industries.

Hosting providers like GoDaddy has helped to make .net domains the most common alternative to .com.

How freelancers can benefit from .net?

  • The "net" in .net may evoke ideas of establishing new businesses, contact, and establishing a network.
  • As a freelancer, you can build a social media network or support group on your website with .net domain name.
  • domain extension is also great for freelancers who provide technical or IT services, such as software development, web development, etc.

6. .IO domain extension

.IO: If you're looking for a professional and subtle domain, go no farther than the .io TLD. This is a top-level domain (TLD) with a country code, designating its use to a particular nation or territory. The .io suffix indicates that this top-level domain (TLD) is associated with the British Indian Ocean Territory.

How freelancers can benefit from .io?

  • Given its narrow focus, the .io caught on with the IT world and is now widely used by websites and other freelance businesses. 
  • .io domain is a great option if you want to operate a tech-related website.
  • The fact that it's shorter than most other extensions makes it simple to remember. 

7. .INFO domain extension

.INFO: Buying a new domain ending in .info is meant to direct people to a source of information. The .info domains, like any other kind of domain, can be tailored to serve a variety of purposes, including brand development; event promotion; information sharing, and so on.

How freelancers can benefit from .info?

  • As an added bonus, .info might help others recognize you as an authority in your niche.
  • If you’re an Indian freelance tutor and your business is educational in nature, then a .info domain might be the perfect option for your personal website. People who are actively looking for learning materials related to your field may find you this way.
  • This extension set you apart from the crowd using generic top-level domains (TLDs) like ‘.com’ and ‘.co’.

8. .ONLINE domain extension

.ONLINE: In comparison to .com, .online is viewed as a more modern and forward-thinking option. Building a credible and trustworthy online identity is easier when your domain name ends in .online.

How freelancers can benefit from .online?

  • The .online is ideal for every field, from digital marketing and manufacturing to consulting.
  • This domain extension suggests an international focus and that’s why customers from all over the world can be attracted by a .online domain name.
  • With .online, a website can showcase your experience, portfolio, recommendations, and contact details to let potential clients learn more about you.

Finding exact-match domain names is much simpler with .online.

9. .PRO domain extension

.PRO: Freelancers and entrepreneurs believe they are experts in their field. Then why not get a domain name that ends in .pro? .pro is a new top-level domain (TLD) that gives you the opportunity to register a domain name that reflects your expertise in your field.

How freelancers can benefit from .pro?

  • Freelancers, bloggers or e-commerce owners looking to expand their professional network may find the .pro domain extension very useful. 
  • If you want to impress prospective customers, choose a .pro domain to show that you're serious about your work.
  • Your personal website resonates with professionalism with the .pro domain extension.
  • Freelancers who provide expert advice and assistance can use a .pro domain. 
  • You can showcase your experience in a certain industry, such as design pro, foodie pro, or marketing pro, making it simpler for prospective customers to identify your specialization and locate related services.

10. .ORG domain extension

.ORG: Initially, non-profit organizations were intended to target audiences with the .org top-level domain. However, these days it's a common resource for freelancers to tap into.

The .org extension is widely used as well, despite the fact that it is not quite as common as the .com extension.

How freelancers can benefit from .org?

  • Selecting a .org extension allows you to establish a name that people will remember for a long time and identify with trustworthiness and dedication to your work. 
  • If you're an Indian freelancer, you may use a .org domain to host your personal website where people can connect and share information and ideas. 
  • Compared to .com and .net, the .org domain extension has a higher level of credibility.

Get your domain name extension for freelancer websites today!

You should not waste time looking for a perfect domain extension before launching your website. And, what’s perfect anyway? From the above pointers, it’s clear that a domain extension hardly impacts search engine optimization (SEO) and rather gives a freelancer an edge if they choose a catchy domain name. 

The options for domain extensions beyond ".com" are many. Carefully consider all of the suggestions listed above as you explore a domain name for your personal website. 

Start searching for your domain now!