Domain name suggestions for the New Year

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Vipin Labroo

E-commerce has become the best way for any business to do well in the times we live in. The very first thing that a business needs to get started in the e-commerce space is a domain name. I am going to share a few domain name suggestions for your up-and-coming business.

Business owners who haven’t used technology to propel their business forward need to do so now.

The best place to start is with answers to popular questions about what constitutes a good domain name and how to get one for your business.

How do I choose a good domain name?

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As your domain name will serve as your business website name, it is important to choose carefully.

A good domain name for your business must convey the essence of what you offer to your target audience.

That being stated, it also helps if the name is the kind that creates instant recall. For this reason, shorter is better.

The name should also be the kind that makes allowance for you to grow your business in the times ahead.

Lastly and very importantly, the name you choose should be available for you to use. Only one person may register a particular domain name at any given time. To see if the domain you want is available, simply enter it into the GoDaddy domain name search box here. While you're there, scan the available domains provided by GoDaddy's algorithm.

If the name you want is already taken, you would be well advised to:

  • Hire a broker to learn if the domain name is for sale and, if so, negotiate a sale.
  • Find another suitable domain name that has not yet been registered (check out the premium domains here).

You may read this post for guidance in choosing a domain name you’ll be proud to print on your shop window and business cards.

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What are the top domain extensions?

When it comes to choosing a domain name, the domain extension you choose assumes great importance. The domain extension is the letters that appear on the other side of the dot.

Graphic showing extensions available for domain investing

It is helpful if your extension is in sync with what your business does. To that end, here is a lowdown on the most popular domain suffixes and what types of enterprise each is best suited for:

1. .com

This is the most popular top-level domain in the world and is almost generic when it comes to websites and the internet. This is the extension that anyone may use with confidence, provided that the .com desired has not already been registered by someone else.

Obtaining a .com domain extension is great for drawing people to your website — on account of the fact that everybody is so familiar and comfortable with this particular extension.

.com is so widely known that if you were to say to someone “You can find my business at Patel Rugs online,” the listener will guess your website name as

However, because of its popularity, it can be difficult to find the .com of your business name. In cases such as this, you may need to consider a different domain extension for your web address.

2. .net

This too has got to be amongst the most sought-after domain extensions. Though largely associated with internet service providers or networks, it has become the go-to replacement for the .com domain extension. The .net extension, however may work best for tech companies on account of its association with technology and networks.

3. .org

The .org extension was earlier exclusively used by not-for-profit organizations but is now available to all. Perhaps because of its past association it is a popular choice for NGOs, nonprofits, cultural organisations, foundations and so on.

People generally trust .org websites as a source of information, which works in favor of the groups that use them. Moreover, there is a better chance of getting the domain name of your choice using this extension, as compared to a .com.

4. .co

The .co domain extension has become increasingly popular over the years. Since the domain extension is also an abbreviation for “company” or “corporation,” it is a natural choice for many entrepreneurs, especially startups to choose it. It is short, simple and effective.

5. .info

.info is a very apt domain extension for anyone who disseminates information, research or statistics. Perhaps a content creation company or a news portal could use it to good effect.

6. .in

The .in domain extension has been used extensively by Indian organizations ever since it was made available in 1989. This article details the types of businesses that should use .in for their business websites.

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7. .site

.site is a relatively new domain extension which has rapidly grown in popularity in recent years. Generic in nature, it could be put to good use by a lot of businesses. Manufacturers, web developers, sports teams, publishers can all use .site to create memorable web addresses.

8. .me

The .me domain extension is just what the doctor ordered for bloggers, actors, writers and influencers whose businesses are all about themselves.

9. .live

The .live domain extension is quite popular with entrepreneurs in the lifestyle space.

In addition to these, there are hundreds more domain extensions — .club, .shop, .social — to choose from. Scroll through the complete list here.

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What are some examples of catchy domain names?

Rather than using your business name as your domain name, it might make great sense to use a catchy phrase instead.

A memorable domain name is a great way to create brand recall.

Following are some examples of catchy domain names you might recognize:

Coolberg logoCoolberg

Coolberg, a Mumbai-based startup, produces handcrafted non-alcoholic beers.

Since 2016, Coolberg has been making parties and gatherings easier for non-alcoholic friends/family with a range of flavours. The company's domain name is


This app was developed in Mumbai in 2016. It stores and shares medical reports and prescriptions with doctors, allowing patients to skip the hassle of an in-person visit. Doctalk chose for their web address.

Shuttl logoShuttl

Shuttl is an app-based minibus public transportation service for commuters. Founded in 2015, the service provides a hassle-free and convenient travel option.

Shuttl's domain name is


Treebo is an Indian budget hotel chain that operates on franchising. Since launching in 2015, it has grown to more than 350 hotels in 80 cities in India.

The franchise chose for its domain name, possibly opting for .com because they expect people around the world will be interested in their services.

CoWrks logoCoWrks

In 2016, CoWrks was founded to offer fully furnished and managed coworking spaces at affordable pricing in India. The company has locations in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad and Chennai. This company's domain name is

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But how do I find good domain name ideas of my own?

Our best domain name suggestion here is to think beyond .com.

Say you are a consultant in need of a nifty domain name that will resonate with those who are most likely to work with you. might already be taken. How would something like sound? Or something like

An architect on the other hand might go with something matter of fact like arora.architect. A health clinic in Pune might be happy with  One can get pretty creative with one’s choice of domain names.

When you chance upon a domain name you think it is perfect, it makes eminent sense to buy it immediately, lest someone else does that and the name becomes unavailable.

If that happens, you can still try to acquire it if the owner is willing to sell it to you. To make an offer, you can do a quick WHOIS Domain Lookup Search to get their contact details.

You may also want to check out a domain name generator for domain name ideas.

See if the domain name you want is available now

What is a cool domain name?

In the digital era that we live in, where e-commerce is more of a norm than an exception, a cool domain name counts for a lot. A cool domain is the kind that resonates perfectly with the target audience.

For this reason, it is useful to do basic market research to understand your customers.

Apart from using a catchy phrase like tastytomatoes , one could choose a call-to-action phrase as a domain name. A good example of this is actnow.

Sometimes a longer domain name works best. Doyourownlaundry, for example, would be an ideal example of a long, but very impactful, name for a laundromat, a new concept that has made an appearance in the bigger urban centers.

Remember, your domain name must be quite memorable and easy for people to spell. Consult the company name tips mentioned here for ideas.

What are some domain names that start with the letter "Z"?

There are quite a few businesses whose names start with the letter Z and who would be likely to choose a domain name that starts with the letter.

It is very common for the business domain name to contain the business name. It helps with branding, as people see your business name whenever they visit your website or receive an email from you.

One could carry out a search on domain name generator and come up with many names that start with the letter Z. For example:


Depending upon what products or services a business is trying to sell, they could come up with just the right kind of domain name starting with a Z.

What is a good domain name for a company?

Harpreet Munjal standing beside the pizza hub sign

A good domain name for a company is one that helps build its brand, or public image, and enhance its business prospects.

  • As a rule, a simple and memorable domain name is better than a long-winded one.
  • Including a relevant keyword in the domain name may boost search rankings.
  • Using a .com extension is also a good idea, as it helps enhance brand credibility.

A domain name without hyphens or numbers is always preferable, as there is lower likelihood of people mistyping it.

If you have zeroed in on a domain name that has perfect synergy with your brand, you should go right ahead and claim it to forestall the possibility of anyone else doing so.

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What is the difference between a domain name and a website?

The domain name is the online address or URL of a website, whereas a website is what the domain name leads to: a collection of online web pages.

To further simplify matters, a domain name informs people about a website’s URL location helping them locate the website. A website, on the other hand is where people go to obtain information or buy a product or service they want.

Why are domain names important?

Firstly, domain names are critically important because you cannot have a website without one.

Every website is assigned an IP address, made up of a long string of numbers. But most people would have difficulty remembering a number like every time they wanted to go to the Google website. Instead, they can just type “Google” into their browser to be taken to the IP address

A custom domain name for a business goes a long way in creating a successful online presence.

It adds credibility to a business by making it appear professional. It can also be used for a professional email address, further enhancing your image.

Mailing: o que é? Foto ilustrativa do Pixabay com milhares de cartas saindo de um computador

This is not the case with websites published via an ISO or a free web-hosting site that would grant you a subdomain name, which does nothing for your business’s brand image.

There’s nothing like having an apt domain name for your business. Registering your own domain name gives you exclusive access to the name as long as it’s registered to you — even if you change your web host, rebrand your business or move to your own in-house server.

It thus saves time and trouble as you are not required to acquire a new domain name and begin the process of brand building all over again and start the arduous climb up the search rankings afresh.

Besides, owning a domain name that brilliantly describes your business’s core concept has the ability to attract web traffic. The earlier example of Doyourownlaundry as a domain name for a laundromat is a case in point.

As we head into 2023, it might be a good idea to get a lowdown on the domain names that are currently popular. It is worth noting that the top 10 domain names of 2022 were made up of two-syllable words.

  • Not surprisingly, is top of the pops when it comes to e-commerce domains.
  • No surprises either that Facebook remains the most popular social media domain and YouTube the most popular video streaming domain.
  • For news, it is and for sports,

Other popular domains include for health, for travel and for chat.

The most popular TLD extension remains .com.

That’s it for domain name suggestions

As we head into the new year — leaving the mayhem created by the pandemic hopefully behind us — it is a good time to look at the future with greater confidence. Though there are headwinds expected on the economic front, the best way to forge ahead in business in challenging circumstances is by turning to technology.

The importance of e-commerce in the post-pandemic world is greater than ever before and choosing the right domain name is, therefore, extraordinarily important.

When it comes to domain name suggestions, the guiding principle is to choose what works best for one’s business niche or segment.

As a matter of fact, it won’t be an exaggeration to suggest that getting the domain name right is a vital business decision. Its significance in a rapidly digitizing world is obvious to any business that is serious about its future!

Fortunately, anyone can find a domain name that is just right for them — if they go about it with seriousness. A domain name is akin to a storefront window that attracts customers to a products or services being displayed, with the difference that its reach is not restricted by geography.

In a world increasingly reliant on technology, choosing the right domain name is the all-important first step in the journey of a business or a brand to grow and scale up exponentially.

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