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India’s manufacturing sector is vibrant and growing, thanks to programs like “Make in India” and the country’s burgeoning middle class. If you or someone you know is planning to start a manufacturing business, you’re likely going to need equipment and warehouse space. But you’ll also need to search for an available domain name and create a website. We’ve assembled domain names lists for the various manufacturing segments below.

By the end of 2020, India is expected to be the fifth largest manufacturing country in the world.

No longer are you limited to .com or .in for your web address. Over the past few years, hundreds of new domain extensions (i.e. the part after the dot) have become available to the public.

So if you’re starting a manufacturing business or rebranding an existing one, consider one of the domain extensions below for your web address.

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Domain names list for leather, textiles & furniture

Domain Names List Fabric

India’s leather industry has experienced dramatic growth in recent times, moving from a purveyor of raw materials to a value-added exporter. Likewise, revenue in the furniture and homeware segment is on the rise. In fact, it’s expected to grow by more than 16 percent annually through 2023. Meanwhile, textile sector — which has been struggling due to high cotton prices, demonitization and other factors — now appears to be on the mend.

Listed below are domain extensions appropriate for these varied sectors. Review the options, before settling on a web address for your new or existing manufacturing business.

Domain names list for automobiles, auto parts/components

India’s rapidly growing middle class is fueling a demand for both automobiles and auto components. Entrepreneurs planning to enter this sector would be wise to secure adequate financing … and a memorable domain name for their websites. The list below should help.

Domain names list for metal fabrication, shipbuilding & machine parts

The shipbuilding industry has in recent years leapfrogged from a primarily domestic supplier to a global one. However, Indian shipyards still handle less than one percent of the global shipbuilding and repair market. So there’s room for growth there.

India’s metal fabricators supply diverse industries, from automobile industry to instrumentation and electronics. If you’re looking for a web address for metal fabrication, shipbuilding or machinery parts, browse the list below for ideas.

Domain names list for petroleum & petrochemicals

The oil and gas industries are growing at a rapid pace to keep up with rising domestic demand, making this a good time for startups. Like all companies, petroleum and petrochemical companies must promote themselves online via a professional website. The domain extensions below would all make relevant web addresses.

Domain names list for pharmaceutical, chemicals & fertilisers

Domain Names List Medicine

The pharmaceutical industry is also growing in India, thanks to low production costs and recent investments in research and development. According to KPMG, India’s “total chemical sales are expected to grow from US$139 billion in 2014 to US$214 billion by 2019.” Put your pharma startup on the map with a website powered by a relevant domain name.

Domain names list for iron & steel

Access to low-cost manpower and abundant iron ore keep India competitive in this sector, while the steel industry has only recently been upgraded from negative to stable for 2019 by India Ratings and Research. Companies in both sectors can find relevant domain names using the domain names list below.

Domain names list for seafood & fisheries

Aquaculture carried out in small ponds has brought fish production inland in India. By 2030, nearly two-thirds of India’s fish production will come from fish farms.

The domain names below are good options for those in this industry, whether startups or long-time players.

Domain names list for electronics & semiconductor manufacturing

Domain Names List Circuit Board

India’s electronics market is one of the largest in the world. In fact, analysts expect it to reach USD 400 billion by 2020. That, coupled with India’s third-place global ranking for startup ecosystems, makes electronics a growth industry.

Domain names list for industrial equipment & tools

Thanks in part to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s efforts, construction equipment makers are investing in India in a big way. Modi’s plans to upgrade the country's roads, rails, airports and expressways mean sector growth is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

The right domain name for every job

Whether your business deals in steel or oil, textiles or leather, it’s vitally important that you have a solid web presence. This is the only way to be sure partners, customers and investors can find your business easily. That means a professional website, anchored by a relevant, memorable and cheap domain name.

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