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Benjamin Taylor

The web development market has rapidly evolved from text-based models to feature-heavy websites running on platforms that must be agile enough to easily integrate new systems, applications and interfaces. Behind the scenes are webmasters or web designers, usually juggling projects for multiple clients. Thankfully, the comprehensive stack of web developer tools offered at no cost through the GoDaddy Pro program enables developers to handle a number of client tasks with ease.

GoDaddy’s tools accelerate project completion, streamline client servicing and generate customized reports.

The service is a boon, with website development tools that unify the web developer’s or designer’s efforts onto one platform. It provides single-touch inputs to create, update or modify their customer websites faster and more efficiently.

Let us look at the specific website development tools available through the GoDaddy Pro service.

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Pro Clients

A website is a valuable piece of a business' property, as their customers are increasingly transacting online today. Business owners expect the best bang for their buck, and usually outsource their site-related management to professionals.

Web developers and UI/UX designers need services that support the complexity of their demanding roles serving multiple client needs. They also need rapid service support to address issues with hosting or security. Without spending a dime, Pro Clients assures them of the following:

A single product dashboard for multiple clients

Web Developer Tools GoDaddy Pro Dashboard
Manage all your WordPress websites from one place

This is getting design right for the designer's needs, before they get cracking on their client objectives. Given developers and designers work for multiple clients, Pro Clients offers an uncluttered, easy user interface to map all their clients and manage their GoDaddy products.

Secure client web access and purchases

Clients and developers often juggle the amount of ownership held by each party. GoDaddy offers the freedom and flexibility for either party to own elements like:

  • Hosting renewal
  • Making site changes
  • Purchasing products and more

The client’s secure details like passwords are not revealed; rather, access is provided to the developer.

Brand-friendly client reporting

Measurement is expected in today’s performance-driven world. Clients demand regular briefs on multiple parameters like:

  • Amount of work done
  • Purchases made on their behalf
  • Web maintenance tasks executed

GoDaddy Pro offers easy-to-generate reports that can be customized according to the developer’s branding guidelines.

Pro Sites

In the daily life cycle of web developers, they typically have to log into a plethora of client site dashboards or web back ends. They encounter different login procedures and UI layouts as they navigate their way to their target menu option(s).

In this melee, the developer spends time following the breadcrumbs of things to do for a particular client.

This results in precious minutes lost that could have been used better. Pro Sites address such challenges through a balance of free and nominally-charged services:

Multi-site control through a single dashboard

By far, this is one of the most beneficial features of GoDaddy’s web developer tools for no charge. This centralisation of accounts is boon for developers and designers in an age of pay-for-play services.

With a single sign-on and user interface, developers can easily view details of their clients’ Wordpress websites. From here they can also apply instructions to a few or all of their clients, in bulk. This could include:

  • Running security scans
  • Applying plug-in updates
  • Making theme changes

Rather than doing these tasks dozens of times, you can now do them once for some or all the WordPress sites you manage.

Site performance and uptime monitoring (optional add-on)

GoDaddy Pro offers additional but essential features to ensure maximum uptime, flag potential downtimes in advance and track metrics like page-load time to ensure optimal website performance. This feature comes with a nominal fee.

WordPress site backups on cloud (optional add-on)

As building and modifying websites becomes more complex, it is quite illogical not to have periodic backups kept in a secure place.

That is where the secure website cloud backup option comes in useful. It is free for your clients whose sites are hosted on GoDaddy, or can be availed for other clients at a nominal fee.

Cloning and migrations (optional add-on)

Another free option for GoDaddy-hosted sites that comes with the cloud backup suite is an add-on feature for clients. This is a developer's much-loved feature to clone elements from a live website, or migrate the site with one click.

Security checks (optional add-on)

In an age of frequent cyberattacks and ransomware-like software causing worldwide outages, developers can help clients maintain their brand reputation and ensure business continuity through frequent, automated security analysis.

Pro Rewards

Web Developer Tools Rupee
GoDaddy’s program pays you back with discounts on future purchases.

Loyalty programs are sweet deals because they offer savings to developers working hard to be profitable. The GoDaddy Pro program awards extra savings when significant spending occurs. Users can get discounts on all new product purchases besides earning credit on them.

Broadly, this reward program divides users into two categories, each with different types of rewards and savings.

Pro users

All users are part of this default plan, where they are assured of a minimum 30% discount on product purchases, 5% in-store credits, as well as access to the program’s web development tools and badges.

Pro Plus users

If developers or designers accumulate 2,500 points or surpass ₹34,722 in annual purchases, they automatically qualify under this program.

Pro Plus allows developers to avail 30% off purchases and 10% as in-store credits. They also get a listing in Pro Connect, a GoDaddy-maintained developer database to recommend top developers to clients looking for technical resources in their geographical area of operation.

Work smarter with these web developer tools

The GoDaddy Pro service has demonstrated how it is an incredible value-add to any web developer or designer looking to optimise their time and boost productivity. GoDaddy Pro offers a combination of web developer tools and services that no developer can ignore in a technology market that is changing rapidly, mandating players to always be at the top of their game. Try it for yourself!