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Need help maintaining WordPress? We’ve got your back.

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Our WordPress experts have you covered.

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Fix problems fast

Header image not in the right place? WordPress plugin causing you grief? Let us fix it quick.
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Manage administrative tasks

We can do the admin database work or set up redirects so you’re free to focus on your business.
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Optimize performance

Is your WordPress site running slow? Our experts can bring it up to top speed.

Which plan is right for you?

Pick your plan based on how much you will need done per month. Credits go towards tasks completed by our experts. Every task in the WordPress Premium Support catalog costs one credit, regardless of the amount of time taken. All plans include Site Recovery. 


1 monthly credit

$49.99 /mo

You pay $49.99 today

Renews Apr. 2023 for $49.99/mo ($49.99 total)


3 monthly credit

$79.99 /mo

You pay $79.99 today

Renews Apr. 2023 for $79.99/mo ($79.99 total)

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5 monthly credit

$99.99 /mo

You pay $99.99 today

Renews Apr. 2023 for $99.99/mo ($99.99 total)


10 monthly credit

$149.99 /mo

You pay $149.99 today

Renews Apr. 2023 for $149.99/mo ($149.99 total)

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WP Premium Support service catalog

What kind of tasks can our WordPress experts do for you? A lot, as it turns out.
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Theme maintenance

Every WordPress theme needs maintenance, and who wants to deal with that? Let our experts handle it for you.
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WordPress development

Want to install a plugin? Maybe change your config file? We got it covered, no sweat.
Learn More
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Database management

Permalinks, MySQL optimization and fixing connection strings. Sounds like fun, right? Nope. But we can do it for you.
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Website evaluation

Getting your site indexed on Google and optimizing your page can be confusing. Fortunately, our experts can take care of it.
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Administrative updates

Let us handle the boring stuff, like optimizing your images and setting up redirects. That way you can focus on the fun things.
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WordPress Core

Having problems with your WordPress installation or other core issues? Let our WordPress developers take care of it for you.
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We love to help. Seriously.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is WP Premium Support?

It’s a subscription-based service, available 24/7/365, that provides assistance or fixes for WordPress-related issues that come up at a moment’s notice.

What are the benefits of WP Premium Support?

Peace of mind. Knowing that you have a WordPress expert available anytime to help you solve problems takes a load of stress off your shoulders. Not to mention, it’ll save you a ton of time.

Which tasks can WP Premium Support help me with?

Theme maintenance, WordPress development, database management, website evaluation and administrative updates, just to name a few. Want to know the rest? View the entire WP Premium Support catalog.

Which plan is best for me?

That depends on how much help you need. Each task costs one credit, and we offer 1-, 3-, 5- and 10-credit plans. If you think you’ll need more help, you’ll save money with a higher credit plan.

What is a credit?

Each task from the WP Premium Support catalog uses one credit, regardless of the amount of time taken. If our developers find that additional tasks are needed to solve a problem, you will be notified to approve of the additional credit usage.

What happens if I don’t use all of my credits?

WP Premium Support is based on a monthly credit cycle. Every month, WP Premium Support credits reset and do not roll in to the following month. When a task is submitted, the credit is consumed and placed in a pending status until the request is closed, consuming the credit in the cycle in which it was started.

Are there any tasks or sites that fall outside the WP Premium Support scope?

Yes, WP Premium Support is not available for certain tasks or sites. Click here to see a full list of WP Premium Support services and restrictions.

Can WP Premium Support solve my issue even if I am not hosted with GoDaddy?

Yes. Our WordPress developers can help with most hosting providers. You are not required to have GoDaddy hosting services. If your website is not hosted by GoDaddy, then when you add the site to your subscription, you will be prompted to enter the credentials for your site.

What if I need more help in a month and use all my credits?

We have you covered with a couple of options. You can upgrade your plan to the next tier, or you can purchase additional credits if you do not think you will need the added credits on a recurring basis.

What if I have more questions?

Call us anytime at +1 (480) 463-8271 and we’ll do our best to answer all your WP Premium Support questions.