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Lost session state issues

So about three weeks ago my site started having random errors.  I researched it and from what I can tell I'm loosing session state variables even between post back's of my pages within one to two minutes.  The problem is random and I had not changed any code on the site in years.  It is an ASP.Net site using AJAX.


Two weeks ago I upgraded the site to .NET 4.5 and redeployed.  That seemed to fix the issues for a bit but now they are back.  I believe my site is hosted on some old servers presently because it was in ASP.Net 3.5 prior to the upgrade.  I can run the site locally against the production database hosted on GoDaddy with no issues but yet when I do the same function on the hosted site I see failures.  My session state timeout is set for 60 minutes.  I have not specified the session state mode in my web.conig but InProcess is the default and that is what must be being used.  I've called support multiple times and they haven not been able to provide any assistance.  I've not called them since the upgrade and now that I'm on the latest  version I'll be ringing them again.


Does anyone have any suggestions?  I could try to implement the SQL Server based session state persistence but I have not had issues up to this point.






Re: Lost session state issues

I am facing the same problem. If you can find the solution, please tell me via my email address