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PayPal and TLS 1.2 Compliance

I have been told since April from GoDaddy support that our site is running TLS 1.2 as required from PayPal to process payments.  I was told were are in comliance although PayPal's scans have indicated otherwise.  I was told by GoDaddy that it was a PayPal error.


Turns out we are running 1.0, and not in compliance and now PayPal is threatening to stop processing payments for us.


Instead of addressing this in recent months as users have been asking, we are now past the PayPal deadline (June 2018) and 1.0 will not be disabled until LATER THIS MONTH.  I'm very unhappy with customer support. 


For anyone in the same boat, here's the email I received with a workaround that our group doesn't have the technical know-how to implement.  Maybe if enough people address this, GoDaddy will move up the update?  


"There is an issue we have with an article descendant stating that 1.0 TLS is disabled on the hosting account. At this time, 1.0 tls is scheduled to be removed this month from the hosting environment. In the mean time, the only way to circumvent this change is to:

Setup VPS and use the root access to disable tls 1.0
Setup Deluxe Website Security, which will route through a firewall."


 Good luck!


Re: PayPal and TLS 1.2 Compliance

I am having the same issue with shared hosting.  I need TLS 1.0 turned off now as I have customers reporting issues.  Our e-sign vendor enforces that we use TLS 1.2 but that we also do not have TLS 1.0 available.


Turn it off now please...



Re: PayPal and TLS 1.2 Compliance

Hi @Tundra and @Bethesdahousema,


TLS 1.0 has been fully disabled on all Linux shared hosting platforms at this time. If you are on Windows, TLS 1.0 is being disabled soon, but I do not have an exact date. I hope this helps.




Tech Writer at GoDaddy