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ok so hopefully this will make sense 


Basically my domain name is by 123reg but wanting it to be hosted with go daddy so i have done all thats needed to do but instead of i want it to be (Not sure it matters to much when googling or typing in the address bar) im not a complete newbie but wondering if this is done right ? If not could someone point me what i need to do so to ensure that once i upload my files that the site will be pointing where it needs to go




Hi @urbanexboi


Thank you for you post. For a website to resolve with the sub domain WWW, this would be setup on the server end. Although CNAME records can come into play for the end results, the website itself must have a redirect rule to ensure that the site resolves under www.


For example: If you building a wordpress site on our shared hosting, upon installation it will ask for the proper url to resolve to:




Depending on how you are building your website and on which platform will change the type of steps you will need to take to get the end result you are looking for. 


If you could post some more details about how the site is being built. myself or other community members may be able to point you in the right direction.


Best Wishes!


its cool ive sorted it now 😄 thank you tho