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DNS SOA for shared hosting

Ive got shared hosting and in the DNS records there is NO SOA that I can find. Im getting an error report from my monitoring provider that the SOA record is out of limits (either too long or too short), where in my pro dashboard, or cpanel or DNS records can i find the expire value for the SOA record and edit them?

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Hi @funnybugbees. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! 

In looking at your DNS records, I see you're using GoDaddy nameservers. We set up the SOA for all domains on these servers. You would not be able to edit the values of the SOA in this case. If you need something different, you might consider using a different DNS provider that offers this setting specifically. 


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Shouldn't Godaddy be using RFC 1912? That is the standard. Why would you use values outside of the recommendation of RFC 1912? 


RFC 1912 recommends 1209600 - 2419200 seconds (14-28 days). Seems like you would use values in line with that, so that Godaddy customers were compliant.

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(252) 933-4840