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File Lost because Accidently Pressed Backslash in Path during Moving (Godaddy File Manager)

My Files Lost while moving them once place to another in godaddy file explorer. I accidentally pressed backslash in place of forward slash in path window and files moved with giving any error. But I can't find file in destination folder.


It is strange it doesn't showed any error, if there was mistake in typo then it shows error. And now files lost completely. Ever go daddy support person couldn't find it. He told mt to upload files again.


That is not problem for me to upload them again but I wonder where files gone and does is count against my hosting space.


Hi @pawankayth


Thank you for your post. Very intriguing situation. If this is your first upload to the hosting you may want to check the file usage on the server to see if the hosting recognizes the upload. In cPanel this would show at the left side menu once launched into the cpanel from the My Products screen on your GoDaddy account. 


If you do see file usage and this is the first upload to the hosting I recommend that you reset the hosting.


To preform a full reset for cPanel hosting take the following steps:

**WARNING** A full reset will erase all content form the cPanel hosting

1. Log in to your GoDaddy Account

2. Click "My Products" at top menu

3. On the "Web Hosting" product row click "Manage All"

4. On the account you would like to reset click "Settings"

5. Click the tab "Reset Account"

6. Follow the instructions to finalize the process. 

7. Complete re-setup of the hosting 


Hope this helps!