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INFINITE Problem godaddy 403 error, Forbidden no permission.

I had uploaded my application to public_html and of course setting my config file by the provided ftp and database connection information, and upload it using Filezilla, but before i uploaded i tick the permission to 755 to all Files and subdirectory.

It went well and online on: but it was a free no permission support the reason i cannot use the login.

I use a Free hosting to test my Application and went online but no permissions because it is free, not supporting permission. The reason I choose godaddy, i did the same as i did before but still displaying this infinite error:

Capture.JPGQuestion: Why does godaddy has this error while my free but RELIABLE is working good? Can i have my money back? If this cannot be solved?


Hi @jaymes101, this issue has already been addressed here. Take a look.

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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