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Is GoDaddy cheat customers?


I was using ixwebhosting servers around last 1.5 decades and recently moved to GoDaddy, but my beginning experience is very bad. First, they have blocked my websites due to visitor's count crossed 100 at a time, not 1,000 or not 10,000. Thereafter I have upgraded to Business Launch. The second tragedy started immediately after upgrades. All my websites are hacked and some hacking messages have appeared. Honestly, there are PHP websites and blank website (no file uploaded yet) available. All sites are hacked. How could be? My PHP websites are developed by the different developing team. So there is no hope on code issues. All together. So I believe GoDadday play here to push me to buy SSL for all my websites. Another one fact, I got an email from GoDadday immediately to buy SSL. Hence I think that GoDaddy played to make to grab my money. What do you think? Please advise me if someone have the same experience? Thanks

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