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Need Help Please: Getting 404 if url contain https%3a%2f%2f in query string

My application(codeigniter, hosted in shared hosting plan) stopped working since 8 hours. It was working properly.
The issue is if url contains https%3a%2f%2f in query parameter, it shows 404 page not found
working fine:
not working:
(I can't change query parameter, its coming in webhook from third party software).
Is that issue from serve? because It was running fine before.
I need urgent help please, as my clients are loosing their business.
Thank you

Helper II

Posting your actual URL + you'll receive better answers.


My guess, if you run your site through you'll find you SSL cert has expired.


Or more likely your Apache config has changed.


Something is very wrong though, as you should just see a protocol error or SSL cert expired message, so my guess is your Apache config has changed.

@davidfavor Thank you for your reply.
How can I change config setting? I have shared hosting plan.
also If I remove even last 'f' from url its woking. 
here is actual link
I called twice in godaddy support, but no solution.