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SSL not being configured for cpanel, email, calendar, etc...

I understand that godaddy does offer ssl certificates to purchase, but my client is on a limited budget and It is understood that Let's Encrypt will work. I installed the free ssl from Let's Encrypt via my cpanel and as I understand and from previous experince on another cpanel account I have (from another 3rd party) and per documentation on the Manage SSL Hosts screen in CPANEL " When you install a valid certificate onto a website, the system also configures email, calendar, web disk, and cPanel-related services to use that certificate for all of the website’s domains that match the certificate. Requests to these services from SNI-enabled clients via the matching domains will receive the installed certificate."


The above is not happening and the ssl is only installing on the domain. "mywebsite".com and www."mywebsite".com. It is not installing on


Researching suggests that a tick box should be available to enable SNI on the subdomains, but I don't see this.   Suggestions?ssl.png

Community Manager

Hi @pomona. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! I'm not sure if this has to do with SNI, but it will definitely happen if you haven't requested a wildcard certificate from Let's Encrypt. You'd want to request it for * to cover as many subdomains as possible. If you've done that, then you should be able to select the domains from the dropdown menu further down the page and then browse for the right certificate. It should look something like below:


CP install LE certificate 1.png


After selecting the domain/subdomains you want to cover, click the browse certificates button. If you've already installed the wildcard certificate, it should look like this:


CP install LE certificate 2.png


Once you click Use Certificate, then you can install the certificate and that should get the subdomains covered. I hope that helps. 


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