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Add previous emails to Email Archiving

Any emails from before your Email Archiving add-on began aren't automatically included in your archive, but you can add these historical emails for a fee. This service is provided by Barracuda, a trusted GoDaddy partner. This is a best practice for your business continuity, your employee productivity, your legal protection, and compliance.

  1. Create an export of your old email data as a .PST file (if you're using Outlook) or an .EML file.
  2. Required: The file name can't contain spaces or special characters. These characters are allowed: @ _ -.
  3. Contact GoDaddy at (480) 463-8843 to submit your upload request.
  4. A Barracuda representative will contact you to get your export file.
  5. You'll be notified when your upload is complete.

The time required for your upload to complete depends on your exported file size.

Exported file sizeTime required for upload
Under 25 GB2 weeks
25-49 GB3 weeks
50-99 GB4 weeks
Over 100 GB6 weeks

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