GoDaddy Help

Get started with the Poynt Card Reader

Once you’ve set up GoDaddy Payments, use the Poynt Card Reader and GoDaddy mobile app (U.S. only) to easily accept credit card payments on the go with your mobile device. From farmers markets to festivals - you can sell anything, anywhere!

Required: Before you get started, you’ll need to:

1: Charge the Poynt Card Reader

Once you have your Poynt Card Reader, plug it in, charge it up and turn it on!

2: Pair the Poynt Card Reader to the GoDaddy mobile app

Download the GoDaddy mobile app and connect it to your Poynt Card Reader.

3: Run a test transaction

Process and refund a test transaction with your Poynt Card Reader.

4: Learn more about using the Poynt Card Reader

You’re up and running! Explore some of the other features you’ve got access to.