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Quick Start Guide: GoDaddy Smart Terminal Flex V1.0

Review basic setup instructions for your GoDaddy Smart Terminal Flex V1.0.

For additional details, please check out our full setup guide.

Note: You can find the version number on the sticker on the back of your device. Have a different version? Review the Quick Start Guides and Safety Info for all GoDaddy Payments devices.
Step 1
labelled flex

Familiarize yourself with the different ports and parts of your Smart Terminal Flex.

Your customers can swipe or insert their card into the card reader slot, or tap their card or device on the customer-facing screen for contactless (NFC) payments.

Step 2
receipt loaded reciept closed loaded

Open the printer compartment. Insert a roll of thermal printer paper into the compartment and pull the roll until about two inches of paper extends from the top of the device. Close the compartment and remove the excess paper.

Step 3
power cord
charging port

Plug the power cord into the USB-C port on the Smart Terminal Flex, and then connect it to a power source.

Step 4
power button

Allow the Smart Terminal Flex to charge for about 2.5 hours. When it’s fully charged, press the power button on the side of your device for three seconds to turn it on and begin first-time setup.

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