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Create a product catalog

Create a product catalog for your GoDaddy smart terminal, and add the products that you sell. Your product catalog works hand in hand with the Register app on your smart terminal, where you use the products to build orders and process transactions.

All products added to your GoDaddy Payments account will also automatically be available to sell in the GoDaddy mobile app, regardless of the catalog they're assigned to.

You can create and assign product catalogs from your web browser or directly on the smart terminal itself.

Note: We recommend creating the initial catalog in your web browser, since you’ll have the option to bulk upload products and assign the catalog to multiple devices. It’s usually a lot quicker, especially if you’ve got more than one device.

Create a product catalog, add products, and assign the catalog to your device(s) – all in one place. One default catalog is automatically created for your smart terminal based on your store name. (You can rename it if you’d like.)

Note: The option to add or import products through your web browser is currently only available to smart terminal owners. We know this is a useful feature, and we're working to expand it to all GoDaddy Payments merchants soon.

  1. Sign in to your In Person Overview page (use your GoDaddy username and password).
  2. Select Catalogs.
  3. Select Create New Catalog.
  4. Add a new or existing catalog:
    • To create a new catalog: Select Create New and enter a Name for the catalog. Select Save.
    • To use an existing catalog: Choose Select existing and check the box next to the catalog(s) to add. Select Add.
  5. Add products to your catalog by importing, uploading or manually entering them. You’ll need to add at least one product to the catalog before you can assign it to your device.
  6. Select the catalog that you want to assign to a terminal, then select Assign to Device/Terminal.
  7. You’ll see a list of devices that are associated with your GoDaddy Payments account. Next to the device where you want to assign the catalog, switch the toggle on. This connects the product catalog to your device.
    Toggles turned on to attach a catalog to a terminal
  8. On your smart terminal home page, tap Catalog to see the linked product catalog and all associated products.

Create and manage your catalog and products right from the interface on your smart terminal.

If you’ve added multiple catalogs, you can switch between them on the smart terminal by tapping Catalog, then the current catalog name, then the catalog you want to switch to, and then Assign Catalog.

Note: The ability to create a new catalog through the smart terminal is currently limited, and will be expanded later this year. If you don't see this option in your Catalog app yet, use the web browser to create and assign a new catalog.
  1. From your smart terminal home page, tap Catalog.
  2. If this is your first time opening the catalog, a default catalog will be assigned to your Smart Terminal. Select Add Product to get started.
  3. To create a new catalog, tap the current catalog name in the upper-left corner, then tap Create a catalog.
    • To create a new catalog from scratch: Tap Create New and enter a Name for the catalog. Tap Create Catalog. The catalog will be automatically assigned to your smart terminal.
    • To use an existing catalog as your template: Tap From Existing and select the catalog you want to use. Tap Create Catalog to create a cloned version of the catalog, that already includes the same products.
  4. Verify that your catalog name appears in the upper-left corner of the Catalog app. (If a different catalog name appears in the app, tap the catalog name, select the correct catalog from the list, and tap Assign Catalog.)
  5. Once you’ve got the correct catalog assigned, add products to your catalog by importing, uploading or manually entering them.

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