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What is the status of GoDaddy Payments in my Managed WordPress account?

When you enable GoDaddy Payments in your Managed WordPress Ecommerce site powered by WooCommerce, an application process displays your specific status in your admin controls. View the status by following these steps:

  1. Go to your GoDaddy product page.
  2. In your My Products page, next to Managed WordPress, select Manage All.
  3. For the website you want to view the status of GoDaddy Payments on, select WP Admin from the menu icon menu.

    select wp-admin
  4. In the left-hand menu and under WooCommerce, select Settings.
  5. From the tabs on the Settings page, select Payments.
  6. In the Status column you can see the status of the payment method.

Status codes and their meaning

  • Pending: The application is pending approval. You may be asked to provide credentials and business details. Check for an email with more information.
  • Incomplete: The application was started but not completed. Select Resume to continue where you left off.
  • Not available: The application was declined or closed. You'll have the option to remove this payment method. Check for an email with more information.
  • Needs attention: The account was suspended. You may or may not be able to accept payments. Check for an email with more information.
  • Connected: The application was approved for payments and possibly deposits.

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