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GoDaddy Pro Clients

Secure, flexible, centralized client management.
Spend less time on managing client lists, shopping, and reporting — instead do it all from a single dashboard.
GoDaddy Pro Clients
Secure, flexible, centralized client management.
Spend less time on managing client lists, shopping, and reporting – instead do it all from a single dashboard.

"It’s been a huge time saver for my business, and it makes me feel much better about the security of my clients’ accounts."

Amy Masson, Sumy Designs

Everything in one place.
  • One login securely puts all client info at your fingertips. No more juggling client passwords.
  • Manage DNS, set up email and configure hosting.
  • Shop for clients through Shared Shopping Cart or delegated access.
Shop and buy for your clients.
  • Securely login to your clients’ account without their credentials.
  • Purchase products for clients on their behalf with delegated access or send your client a Shared Shopping Cart for them to make the purchase — all while receiving Discounts and earning Rewards.
  • Clients can provide you access to their account through account delegation, simplifying purchases and relieving you from managing client financial data.
Take your business to the next level with GoDaddy Pro.
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From one dashboard, perform individual or bulk updates and streamline maintenance tasks across all your client sites — even those not hosted by GoDaddy. All for free.
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With one click, securely log in to manage your clients and shop for GoDaddy products on their behalf with Shared Shopping Cart or delegated access.
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Enjoy Discounts and earn Rewards toward future purchases on all new, qualifying product purchases* made by you or your clients — the more you spend, the more you save.
We’ve got your back.
GoDaddy’s award-winning support is available 24/7 to help you solve problems for your clients and your business.
Discover resources for growing your business.

Get valuable tools and expert tips that strengthen client relationships.

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Frequently asked questions about Clients

Can I use Clients to manage non-GoDaddy websites?

Yes, you can use Clients to track and manage multiple websites from all of your clients. However, you will not be able to update configurations on non-GoDaddy client accounts.

What payment options does Clients offer?

You have three payment options:

  1. You may buy products for your client on your credit card, which means they’ll never see, or have access to, the product unless you give it to them. You own the billing relationship.
  2. You can use Shared Shopping to send clients a list of products to buy via Shop for Client on your dashboard, which means they’ll own the billing relationship.
  3. If the client has granted you permission via account delegation, you may purchase products using their account.

What level of permissions can my clients grant me?

Clients can give you access to manage all of their products and to make purchases for them.

I currently have GoDaddy products in my account that belong to my clients. Is there any easy way to associate those products with those clients?

Yes, it’s easy to assign existing products in your account to individual clients. It won’t change the billing relationship, but will make it easy to see what products belong to each client.

What will my clients see when I send them a recommended shopping list through the Shared Shopping functionality in Clients?

Your clients will see the products you have selected for them. They’ll know the Shared Shopping list came from you because your branding and contact information will be displayed on the cart. You can also customize the message accompanying the cart, so your client knows it legitimately came from you.

Sites supports clients too – does Sites match the client accounts in Clients?

Yes, all of our applications in the GoDaddy Pro program displays the same clients. There is no duplication and they are always in sync.

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